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  • Unlocked Doors

    by Monique Franz
    • 10 minutes
    • 0M2F

    Simple Set

    “Unlocked Doors” is a 10-min drama within Monique Franz’s play series, “Legacy of a Father” , and touches on the impact of incest for one woman. Christine, a wife and mother in her thirties, is losing her faith and has hit an emotional wall due to the past sexual abuse of her father. Decades after the abuse, Christine is challenged to aggressively take back the control robbed from her as a child.

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  • Patres Familias

    by Matthew S. Hinton
    • 20 Minutes
    • 2M/0F Max/Min 2

    Simple Set

    “Patres Familias” is the sixth installment in the Playroom series, and this one finds Rich just off of his back porch, stealing some time (and some beer) with his neighbor.

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  • broken dolls play script book cover

    Broken Dolls

    by June Prager
    • 60 - 90 minutes
    • 5 F

    Edgy Play, Minimal Set, Simple Set

    Broken Dolls tells the fictional stories of women- both international and domestic- who have been trafficked for sex work, domestic labor, hotel work, and agricultural work. Taking place in a waiting room at a social service facility, the play revolves around five female survivors of human trafficking who cross paths. Entrapped and isolated, five women come together to weave their narratives in a mix of monologue and dialogue, merging reality and memories of coping and longing.

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    This’ll Only Take a Second

    by Zach Davis
    • 30-45 minutes
    • 1 F

    Classroom Use, Competitions, Depression, Simple Set

    As Miranda prepares to go to sleep, she recounts the events of her day—and her life—through a series of imagined and surreal interactions with her parents and psychiatrist.

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