Our Audiences

Provocative Plays

Find playscripts designed to amaze your audiences at Blue Moon Plays.  Find plays that stretch the mind and the stage.  Bring your audiences dramas that excite them.

How to Find a Play – Use the Find a Play Search Box

Plays for Premieres

Unproduced, original plays, vetted by workshops and readings at theaters, are available for premiere productions to put your theater on the map.

Plays for Churches & Religious Venues

Monologues, dramas, and comedies on religious themes are available.

Plays With Music

Our scripts range from plays with incidental original music to musicals.  Rights to the music can be licensed either from us or from the writers.

Plays for Senior Groups

Our scripts appeal to all levels of senior performers.  Our plays have been performed by residents in wheelchairs.  They have also been performed on stage by community senior drama groups.

Plays for kids

Our fairytales and legends continue to be one of most popular genres.  Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty represent the most popular of the genre.

We also have participatory dramas on all levels.  Shakespeare-On-The-Go (a collection of 4 Shakespeare plays) can be participatory for youngsters.  These plays also have comic frame stories involving teens, enabling them to be performed for or by teens or teen drama classes.

Other participatory drama suit a younger crowd from short tales of Baba Yaga to a country-western Cinderella with music.

Playscripts for middle school and high school

In addition, plays for teens will continue to be part of the HaveScripts legacy.  We will continue to offer high-quality adaptations of Shakespeare, Chaucer, and Dickens.  We have original scripts for teens which dramatize their concerns with drugs, suicide, sex, gender, and other issues, along with plays that are just plain fun.

Plays for 1 Actor

Several of our popular plays are tour-de-forces for actors.  Several are one-person shows: A Concise Dickens Christmas Carol and A Cold Day in Hell, for example.  Others require 2 actors to play multiple roles.  In Brendan’s Journey, 2 actors cross the Atlantic

Site-Specific Plays

Several of our plays lend themselves to performance in a specific site.  Between Trains, for example, has been performed in an abandoned train station.  In Fanny and Manny Tie the Knot the audience members are the wedding guests at a dysfunction ceremony.

Plays for Diverse Audiences

At HaveScripts Blue Moon Plays, diverse audiences will be allowed to find each other.  Teachers looking for traditional scripts for their students will hopefully become intrigued by a strange title or image that can open the world of their students’ imaginations.  Theater directors seeking a new play for a premier will see works that suggest a production for their youth theater.

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