Havescripts and Blue Moon Plays – Scripts That Challenge and Educate

Play scripts published under the Blue Moon Plays,  Havescripts and Scriptworks Press imprints are now combined in this one website. This move will give Middle Schools, High Schools, Colleges, Senior Theatres,  Professional Theatres, Church Groups and other Community Groups a wider range of play scripts to choose from in an easier-to-find format.

Blue Moon Plays – Plays that Challenge for Theatres with an Edge

Blue Moon Plays, LLC, champions new original scripts, for risky, contemporary theater.  Play scripts published under the Blue Moon Plays imprint will either have had significant productions with material that has proven controversial or is off the beaten path.  Some of these plays may present casting or staging challenges to theaters.  In either case, they have not seen the number of productions they deserve and we are providing a home for them here.

We are also providing a resource for theaters looking for a play script that is quirky either by its content or its staging, but which is still in the development stage.  and looking for a Premier Production. There are other sites that offer playwrights a place to list new plays,  but these plays have not been vetted.

Plays on our site will have had staged readings and have been through a development process.  We are trying to take up where the Eugene O’Neill Conference leaves off and provide a resource for those worthy playwrights who for one reason or another need to look elsewhere for a theater interested in script development and production.

The plays that you will find on this site are meant to challenge you, bother you, and make you question some previous assumptions.  On these pages, we intend to take no particular political stance or recognize orthodox boundaries.  We hope that the plays you encounter under this label will make you realize just how far a theatrical experience can take you in space and time.

HaveScripts – Plays That Excite, Educate, And Uplift

HaveScripts is the play script publishing company from which Blue Moon Plays emerged.  Their mission is, and was, to serve the educational theater and community theater marketplace.  We retained many of those original scripts which continue to be popular with schools, senior groups, churches, other spiritual communities, and community theater.  The HaveScripts imprint is dedicated to keeping the classics alive in theatrical adaptations, providing a forum for religious and spiritual expression, and bringing theater to diverse communities around the world.

ScriptWorks Press

As HaveScripts/Blue Moon Plays grew, it became apparent that a number of plays either belonged in collections or weren’t exactly plays in the traditional sense.  The potential for theatrical events that didn’t obey the boundaries of the traditional stage emerged and so began not only our series of play collections for schools and senior facilities but also our collections of monologues and poetry for the stage.  Thus, there was a need for a third imprint: ScriptWorks Press, the label that now marks our foray into inviting prose writers as well as poets to join us on stage.

Whatever the imprint, if one of our plays hasn’t made you think, we haven’t done our job.

Download our full Catalogue as a PDF.

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