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Havescripts and Blue Moon Plays have merged to bring you more variety in our range of stage scripts for dramas, comedies, farces, monologues, spiritual scripts, and plays with music. You will be able to make better searches and find scripts for plays you need more easily.

Havescripts specializes in publishing engaging and life-affirming plays for Middle School students, plays for High School students and plays for  College students .  We also feature scripts for Community Groups and Church Communities. For senior actors and audiences, we have both collections of short scripts and individual one-act plays for seniors.

New additions to the site

  • An Index of Stage Plays
  • Blog – latest news, new titles, and updates
  • A downloadable catalog with links to each play for easy access.
  • Downloads of Printable PDFs
  • More edgy scripts and scripts with diverse or imaginative casting.

We are here for you

Do you need help in choosing scripts for plays? Would you like to email the writer of a play you’ve selected? Do you need guidance in staging? Let us know your question through the Contact Us form.

And, we have a phenomenal new APP called the telephone which you can use to talk to a real live person. If our phone is busy and takes a message, we call you back. We really do. Try it now if you don’t believe us. 757-816-1164.

So, let’s take a brief tour through our online play script shop.

HaveScripts for Plays That Engage and Educate

Stage Plays written for students of Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, High Schools and Colleges.

  • Fairy Tales and Legends
  • Participatory Plays
  • Adaptations of classic authors, as well as fairy tales and legends
  • Original historical scripts and monologues
  • Plays for high school competitions
  • Short Plays and Scripts for Senior drama groups and retirement communities
  • Monologues, one-act scripts and full-length plays with a religious or spiritual orientation.

Blue Moon Plays – Scripts for Plays that Challenge for Theatres with an Edge

  • Poetic dramas like Between Trains and Distant Survivors
  • Provocative, contemporary dramas: Sniper and Nat Turner’s Last Struggle: Finding His Way Home
  • Diverse Casting in shows like Humans Remain, Angel Band, and She’ll Find Her Way Home
  • Plays that have been developed and had readings, looking for their first production: You can have your own Premiere!

Playwrights wishing to submit a play for our consideration Click Here.

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