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Havescripts and Blue Moon Plays – Play Scripts for School, Community & Theatres

Play scripts for plays published on this site under the imprints of HaveScripts and Blue Moon Plays focus on plays that tell stories in close conversation with our times, inspire us to think differently about the world. All play scripts on this online portal are written in English language.

Through the characters, a playwright can help us all to imagine a better world with simple and honest storytelling that fosters a greater understanding of our shared world.

The selected stage scripts entertain, engage and educate audiences of all levels, whether it be in a school, a church, a senior retirement facility or a professional theatre and whether it be a full-length drama script, a one act play, or a little 10 minute short play.

Great theatre is about challenging how we think and encouraging us to fantasize about a world we aspire to.

Willem Dafoe

The theater scripts here have plenty of humor and drama and often music, songs or verse poetry to draw audiences into the compelling lives of the characters, both heroes and villains. These plays are excellent for student direction practice, forensics, and for adaptation to film, like the play “N”. We currently focus on school stages above kindergarten. If you are looking for scripts for kindergarten, please contact us and we will look at stocking those.

Directors are able to make their play selection and choose the format of the playscript they wish to use, as scripts are published mainly in print-ready downloadable PDF and printed hardcopy books. To help with costs we are publishing several short plays by the same author together in a collection.

We passionately believe that theater can be transformative. The best plays have the capacity to change lives and change society. And it all begins with beautifully written scripts for every cast size.

The plays published here throw light on areas of personal life and public life that are often neglected. They are also written with beginner actors and directors in mind as well as experienced professionals.  

They cover issue-based subjects sought after by schools, educational theatre, community theater groups, children’s theatre and professional theatres.

Finding a play script

In any browser menu you will see a link to the Find a Play page, where customers can search by keyword, length of time, genre, play type, theme, and cast size. The detail of each play is listed on the website on the play product page.

Issue Based Plays

Three dramatic play scripts about race are of eternal interest to theatre directors of all kinds of drama groups, professional theatre today and their audiences. These plays have enduring perspectives on life, love, death and a myriad of situations in between.

Nat Turner’s Last Struggle – Finding His Way Home

Nat Turner’s Last Struggle – a two-character stage play that deals with the horrors of slavery, deeply rooted in racism and resisted by the enslaved, as seen through the actions and reflections of Nat Turner, who led a Biblically-inspired rebellion for freedom. 

She’ll Find Her Way Home

She’ll Find Her Way Home presents a view of hopeful slaves: a young couple on love, right after the Civil War and how color consciousness and politics affected their relationship, families and friendships.

An Enemy of the People

Drama teachers in high schools, colleges, universities, community theaters and professional theater directors will find An Enemy of the People speaks to the concerns of their students and audiences around the issue of environmental destruction and the preservation of nature.

Play Scripts for Middle School

Havescripts has scores of theater play scripts and musicals for student actors: teens in Middle School Theatre. Find outstanding plays and musicals specifically written by award-winning playwrights for student actors with parts for all abilities. From short plays, one-act plays, award-winning full-length plays and musicals, Havescripts has scores of titles for middle school theatre productions, Reader’s Theatre and classroom study. Examples include large cast adaptations of Cinderella and plays by William Shakespeare.
Find scripts for plays for Middle School students to perform.

Plays For High School

Havescripts publishes scores of plays and musicals for performance by student actors in High School Theatre productions. Find exceptional plays and musicals written by award-winning playwrights for student actors. From short plays, one-act plays, award-winning full-length plays and musicals, Havescripts has scores of titles for high school theatre productions, Reader’s Theatre and class study.
Find scripts for plays for High School students to perform.

Plays for College Students

Havescripts & Blue Moon Plays has over fifty scripts for College Students to perform and read. There are short plays, one-act plays and full-length plays, dramas, comedies, biography, boy meets girl, adaptations of classics by Shakespeare and other classical authors. and plays suitable for college students to perform for community audiences, young audiences and kids. For theatre students the plays are suitable for directing class and forensics.
Find scripts for plays for  College students to perform

Plays for Seniors Theatre Performers

Senior Theatre groups with older actors will find a good selection of short one-act plays, comedies and full length plays for senior citizens to perform. Play scripts are available in collections of short scripts for senior actors and audiences which show older people in unusual roles and challenge common perceptions of older people.

See these plays for Senior Theatre performers

Play Scripts for Community Theater

You will find over 120 engaging playscripts for family friendly community drama groups, fundraisers, church and spiritual communities. The scripts range from shorts, one-acts and full-length plays. As well as comedies, there are edgy dramas looking at the social issues of today, including discrimination based on race, religion and gender preference.

View Plays for Community Theater

Stage plays for students of Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, High Schools, and Colleges include:

  • Fairy Tales by the bothers Grimm
  • Traditional Legends
  • Participatory Plays
  • Adaptations of classic plays
  • Original scripts and monologues from American history.
  • Plays for high school competitions and forensics
  • Short Plays and Scripts for Senior drama groups and retirement communities
  • Monologues, one-act scripts and full-length plays with a religious or spiritual orientation.

Blue Moon Plays

Blue Moon Plays are dramas and comedies for the stage that speak for the underrepresented. They take our society to task, question modern values, or push the envelope with imaginative plays that ask difficult questions and tackle intriguing subject matter include:

  • Poetic dramas like Between Trains and Distant Survivors
  • Provocative, contemporary dramas like Sniper and Nat Turner’s Last Struggle: Finding His Way Home
  • Scripts with diverse casting in shows like Humans Remain, Angel Band, and She’ll Find Her Way Home
  • Unproduced plays that have been developed and had readings, looking for their first production

Most importantly, scripts published under the Blue Moon Plays imprint provide dramatic scenarios that represent the disenfranchised, give a voice to those who are not heard, and breathe life into stories that threaten to remain untold.

Unicorn Bay Press

Inaugurated in 2020, Unicorn Bay Press was created to publish vibrant dramatic poetry which can be utilised for spoken word theatre and monologue performances.

Licenses are available for performance of individual poems or groups of poems for live streaming video performances and virtual theatre productions.

Individually, the poems are excellent material for solo theatre performances, one-man or one-woman shows and forensic competitions. Licensing of play performances is dealt with on an individual basis.

Play Index

A full list of plays is available on the Play Index Page by title and category.

Our play scripts are written by professional playwrights, award-winning authors, drama educators, and theatre-makers.

We offer great customer service by email and telephone. Shipping costs for hardcopy books are calculated at checkout and depend on the country of the buyer.


All plays are copyright and can only be copied, reproduced or performed, by permission of Blue Moon Plays through purchase of a performance rights licence.

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