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Ordering Scripts ( We accept Purchase Orders – See Below)

Placing an Order for a Script

PLEASE NOTE: Purchasing Scripts does not give you performance rights to mount a production of a play for any kind of audience.
See below –
Producing a Play – Performance Rights & Fees

You may order a manuscript by

  • Ordering and paying online with or without a Paypal Account
    We use Paypal to securely process Credit Card/ Bank Card purchases.
    After your payment is processed by Paypal you will automatically be returned to your Order page, where you will be able to access links to download any PDF scripts you ordered. [ Please note this may not work with the Safari browser – see the next note] 
    You will also receive an email receipt which will have links to download any PDF scripts you ordered.
  • Using an official Purchase Order Number.
    Obtain an official Purchase Order from your business office and send us a copy by mail (see address below) or email (info@bluemoonplays.com).
    We will send your purchase and follow it with an invoice to your school or organization.
  • Emailing an order request to bluemoonstageplays@cox.net
    Include the name of the play and the type of delivery (hardcopy/print or PDF via email).
    We will send you an invoice and we will send your play or book upon payment.
  • Mailing a request which includes your name, organization (if any) address, and email address. Send to:

Blue Moon Plays LLC
41385 Fordham Drive
Ste 105-279
Virginia Beach, VA 23464

Orders made by email will be fulfilled after payment by Paypal, Credit Card or check.


Scripts are provided in:

  • PDF Format ( Printable)
  • Hardcopy Printed Scripts
  • Paperback books

Online Store

PDF Script files 
Immediately after your payment is processed by Paypal, wait to be returned automatically to your Order Page which provides a link where you can download your PDF script file. [may not work with Safari on Mac]
You will also receive a receipt by email which will have a link to download the PDF file/s for the plays you purchased.

Paperback copies and printed scripts
Physical products will be delivered by USPS postal service to the address you provided in the purchase process on the online store.

Orders of physical printed books will be dispatched within 2-3 days of payment. If any delay is envisaged, we will email you to advise.

Shipping Charges

  • Shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer and will be billed in addition to the cost of the play scripts
  • Shipping charges are calculated in the online store
  • For other order methods, the cost of shipping will be added to the cost of scripts.

Returns Policy

All sales are final. For misprinted books or damaged items, contact us at



Producing a Play – Performance Rights & Fees

A play represented by HaveScripts or Blue Moon Plays may be produced only if written authorization is obtained from Blue Moon Plays, LLC.

All of the plays represented by Blue Moon Plays, LLC are protected under international copyright laws. Any unauthorized performance of these works constitutes an infringement of the copyright and a violation of the law, with potentially serious consequences for the infringer.

The name of the author must be included in all production advertising, program information, and material related to your production. This stipulation will be in your performance license.   Failure to do so may result in the revocation of your rights to perform the play.

You must have purchased sufficient copies (cast set) of a playscript and paid the Performance Fee before a Performance License will be granted.

To produce or perform a play, you must complete a Performance License Application,  to produce a full-length play, one-act, or musical.

The Performance Rights License Application Form is found on the order page for each playscript. Click the button “Apply for Performance Rights” in the order section for the play you wish to perform.

Your venue’s postal code is required for a license. Special clearance must be obtained for all productions in New York City and the greater Los Angeles area. Approval in these areas is not guaranteed.

If your application is approved, you will receive a license within 1 week by email.


Students do not need to apply for permission to present monologues/scenes as audition pieces in the American College Theatre Festival’s Irene Ryan Competition. You may perform monologues/scenes from any of our plays without written permission or paying a royalty fee.

Performance rights only need to be applied for and secured if a student progresses to the final round, where the monologues/scenes are presented at the Kennedy Center. Do not send us an application for the earlier rounds of the competition. If you have further questions go to The Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival site and contact the representative in your district.


What are PDF scripts?

PDF files are Portable Document Format files that can be opened in most computers and web browsers using Adobe Acrobat Reader. ( You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader here)

Scripts are provided in PDF format in two different formats on our online Bookstore.

  • Review copies of plays may be purchased in a PDF format which will be delivered either through an email link or a download button after payment. You can print one copy only. Review scripts may not be printed or reproduced for distribution in any form or shared electronically. In accordance with the writers’ contracts with us, they each contain a faint watermark.
  • Performance / Production copies may also be purchased in a printable PDF format with no watermark.
    If you plan to perform the play, Order a Multicopy PDF which allows you to print enough copies for the whole cast.
    You will receive a single PDF file.
    The price you pay allows you to print enough copies for your cast and crew.
  • Performance licenses for a play will only be granted if sufficient copies of the script have been purchased for the whole cast.

Hard or print copies are paperback books sent to you via USPS service. These may not be copied or shared by any electronic means in whole or in part by force of federal law, as they are subject to copyright. See the Copyright page

What are performance royalties and what are they for?
There are two kinds of performance royalties:

  • This is a fee charged for each performance ( Performance Fee), based on the length of the play and nature of the producing theatre. ( School, Amateur, Professional, Community)
  • We also offer a production package with an included fee for a specific number of performances for amateur and school theaters for many plays.
  • Performance Royalties are charged via the Production License you pay for.

Why do you charge Performance Fees for productions?

Performance Fees include the Royalty paid to the author. This is the way the authors earn their living. One play can take anywhere from months to several years to create, which often involves collaboration with theaters and theater professionals. Copying a script or producing it without permission from the author or publisher is equivalent to swiping a steak from a butcher.

How many scripts do I need to buy?

  • For review purposes, you need to buy only one script.
    Select “Review Script” in the Order Section on a book page.
  • For production purposes, you need to pay for sufficient scripts to produce the play
    • For Hardcopy / printed scripts a minimum would be one for each character, for the director, for the stage manager, and for the tech people involved.
    • For Downloadable PDF scripts – order a PDF that can be printed as many times as required for the director, each cast member,  each of the crew, stage manager and tech people involved.


How can I pay for my order?

We accept various forms of payment:

  • Credit Card via PayPal (you don’t have to be a member of PayPal)
  • Check or Money Order
  • Purchase Order: (you will need to email a copy of the final purchase order and number)

Do I have to pay the royalty fee if I am performing the play or musical? Yes

Do I have to pay the royalty fee if we’re not charging admission? Yes

Can I photocopy your books? No

How do I get permission to perform an excerpt at a festival or competition?
Write to info@bluemoonplays.com and request permission, stating your purpose. In all cases, you will be required to identify the script, author, and publisher in your excerpt.

Can I change or cut adult language?
Only if permission is granted in the script itself or if permission is received from the author or publisher. Email us at info@bluemoonplays.com

Other Questions

How do I get your catalog?

Our catalog is downloadable from the blue Link at the top of every page. It is not available via mail at this time

Can you email the script to me?

When you pay for your order, you will receive an email with links to download the script PDF file.
If the download link does not work for some reason, please email us and we will send your script as an email attachment.

Do your plays have ISBN numbers?

Not all of them. Many of our shorter plays do not have ISBNs so that we can shorten the time it takes to bring them to you. Most competitions ask for but do not require an ISBN number.

Do you carry musicals? Yes, we have a small number of musicals or plays with music.

Do you publish children’s plays? Plays appropriate for middle school? We have many plays for children and plays for middle school. A number of those plays are also designed for touring by high school drama groups.

Do you publish monologues? We have collections of monologues and are beginning to increase our selection of monologues by contemporary poets and fiction writers suitable for stage.

Are you a corporation? Yes, we are incorporated under Blue Moon Plays, LLC.

What is your Federal Tax ID number? 54-6095959

May I have the contact information for a playwright? You may email us by completing the Contact Form and we will pass your information on to the playwright. As a matter of privacy, we do not release information about our writers.

Can I videotape our production? Only with permission from the publisher and only for archival purposes. No videotape may be made and then sold. To post on Social Media or Youtube and other Video Sharing websites permission needs to be granted by the publisher – contact info@bluemoonplays.com 

Script Submissions

How do I submit my play?

Send us an email at info@bluemoonplays.com and provide a script synopsis and a production history.

When will you let me know?

We try to let you know our decision within 6 months. If you don’t hear from us by then, please feel free to follow up. Silence doesn’t mean we’ve rejected you or aren’t interested—just that we have a lot of scripts to review.

Do you publish books? Yes, if they have some relationship to the spoken word. See our publications of A Mirror in Time or Behind Closed Doors for an example.

Using the Site

How do I find a play in your online catalog? There is a Table of Contents at the beginning which categorizes scripts. On the site, you may use a search tool which will help you find plays which meet your cast and play requirements.

How do I find a play with a specific cast size? With a specific breakdown of males and females?  You may use the play finder which is on every page of the site.

Can I print out the online script samples? Yes.

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