Modern Christmas Play Scripts For Community Theater

New ideas for Christmas plays to perform!

Here is a selection of modern Christmas play scripts for youth, actors of all ages and community theaters.  Christmas holidays brings families together and churches, drama groups and community theaters are looking for entertaining and enriching plays about the Christmas Story .

These entertaining modern Christmas plays for Community Theater are guaranteed  to bolster the Christmas Holiday spirit for your audiences. PDF Scripts are instantly downloadable as printable documents after purchase.

A Colonial Christmas combines history (George Washington), a modern family who has lost its Christmas spirit and a magic barrel organ which pulls them back in time–and you have a lesson in history and a redemptive American Christmas story.

  • A Colonial Christmas Playscript for Schools - Cover Image

    A Colonial Christmas

    by Gillette Elvgren
    • 110 Minutes
    • 9 Males, 4 Females, Max Cast 20+, Min Cast 16

    Comedy, Fantasy, Large Cast

    A full-length holiday comedy by Gillette Elvgren with a large cast and possible doubling.
    In A Colonial Christmas, the Hartley family has decided to downsize the holidays which seem to have lost their significance. However. an old barrel organ is a portal to  Christmas in Revolutionary days  for a renewal of faith and the Christmas spirit. Great for community theaters and church audiences.

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If you are looking for a totally modern take on the Nativity, A.N.G.E.L.S, Inc. is a farce set in a video recording studio where angel/media personalities fight deadlines and snafus before the Great Arrival

  • ANGELS INC. - Nativity Play Extravaganza

    ANGELs, Inc.

    by Cindy Rock Dlugolecki
    • 110 Minutes
    • 4 Males, 2 Females, Max/Min 6

    Farce, Simple Props, Simple Set

    A zany full-length farce is a perfect change from traditional Christmas plays for schools, churches, and community theater.  The film crew for ABC (Angel Broadcasting Company) is producing a special to celebrate the Nativity.

    Small cast, great for schools, youth drama groupscommunity theaters, and churches. Downloadable, printable PDF available.

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Looking to involve all ages of your community in your Christmas Holiday play offering? From tots to teens to adults, these modern Christmas pageants and original Christmas stories engage audiences and participants. Small to large casts.

  • Lamb's Tales - Christmas Plays and Pageants

    Lamb’s Tales

    by Gerald Gurka
    • 20 - 60 minutes
    • Variable Casting--roles for actors from 4 to 100

    Simple Props, Simple Set

    Lamb’s Tales: Four Simple Nativity Plays for the Littlest Lambs and Six Christmas Pageants for the Flock Skits and pageants for church Christian holiday.  Short plays to be performed by children as young as 4 and adults will allow everyone in a religious community to star in their church’s Christmas celebration.

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Feature a traditional Christmas story in a non-traditional format. Everyone has seen some version of A Christmas Carol, but few have seen it performed as a one-man show. And nothing is left out! The play calls for different “voices” and thus may also be performed by up to 4 actors.

  • The Concise Christmas Carol Adaptation

    The Concise Christmas Carol

    by D.D. Delaney
    • 50 Minutes
    • 1 Male (up to 4 possible)

    Comedy, Drama, Flexible Casting

    A 50-minute condensed monologue adapted from Charles Dickens’ Scrooge. How the ghosts who haunt him, eventually transform a lonely, stingy, bitter old man into a generous, infectiously cheerful humanitarian. D.D. Delaney, a professional actor, playwright, journalist, and poet has adapted the familiar holiday classic for the stage. Written as a monologue, it can also be performed by 4 actors.   Ideal for Christmas celebrations, house performances, and readers theaterDownloadable PDF available.

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Dare to be different! Here’s an adaptation of another Dickens Christmas Story, this time starring a poor London porter. He must fight specters in a church belfry and London nabobs, securing his daughter’s marriage, his own security, and redemption through social justice.

  • The Chimes

    by Jean H. Klein
    • 90 Minutes
    • 8 Male, 3 Female, 11 Min, 19 Max

    Comedy, Simple Set

    Give Scrooge a break for the winter holiday production! THE CHIMES is a full-length comedy and large-cast adaptation of another Dickens’ classic Christmas/New Years tale. Toby Veck, an impoverished London porter wants to bless his daughter’s marriage by New Year’s Day. Alas, he doesn’t have even a shilling in his pocket. Surely, the wealthy families he carries packages for will find enough work for him to do before the New Year comes and he must break a promise made on his late wife’s deathbed.

    This Dickens’ comedy is a great Christmas change-of-pace for schools, communities, and regional theaters.

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Everyone knows the Christmas carol, “Silent Night.” Few know how it came to be written. This 15-minute, simply-staged Christmas comedy takes us to Oberndorf, Austria, where a seeming catastrophe produces the most beloved carol of all time.

  • a pastor's tale play script book cover

    A Pastor’s Tale – The True Story of Silent Night

    by Todd Conner
    • 15 minutes
    • 1 - 5F; 2-7M; Max 7; Min 7

    Comedy, Simple Props, Teens

    A one-act Christmas comedy – a play with live music for young actors, telling the story of how the Christmas song “Silent Night” came to be written. Set in Oberndorf, Austria in 1818, the play is staged with live guitar in a Readers Theatre format. Memorized historical vignettes are combined with a straight-forward Christmas reading. But it soon goes “off-book” as student readers question the truth of the text they’re reading, and they end up squabbling on stage among themselves. Just when their performance seems doomed, Josef Mohr remembers a short poem he had been writing—Silent Night.

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A new cantata for a choir, As We See Him delves into the Christmas story, with an emphasis on the diversity of Christ’s followers. It needs only the familiar traditional carols.

  • play script front cover image -as we see him

    As We See Him

    by Doris Gwaltney
    • 60 Minutes
    • Choir

    Music Lead Sheets

    A musical celebration of the Nativity by Doris Gwaltney. This Christmas Cantata celebrates the different faces of Jesus and the diversity and tolerance that he espoused. Consisting of original poetry, Biblical quotes, and traditional carols, it brings the birth of Jesus alive for modern choirs and utilizes a Chancel Choir, a Children’s Choir, and readers.

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Political correctness hath made cowards of us all. In Christmas in Montana, a small class in a one-room schoolhouse struggles with trying to modify Christmas carols to fit in with current standards, to the dismay of their teacher.

  • Christmas in Montana play script book cover

    Christmas in Montana

    by Nikos Vlachos
    • 15 minutes
    • 1 M/2F/1 M or F Max 4/Min 4

    Comedy, Simple Set, Small Cast

    Students in a small one-room school try to sing Christmas carols in their classroom. Quickly, one of the students interrupts the singing with a thought about political correctness. Mayhem breaks out, with hilarious results, as they try to change the lyrics of the traditional Christmas songs to match contemporary standards.

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