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HaveScripts: Plays that Inspire and Edify

HaveScripts  originated in 2003 as an on-line publishing company, serving customers primarily over the Internet, although print copies of scripts were also available.

HaveScripts was the original play publishing company.  We started it to provide exposure for great scripts that had been performed regularly over the years but had not found a publisher.   These scripts were initially dedicated to

  • middle school and high school comedies and dramas
  • plays for community theaters
  • plays for senior and religious communities
  • spoken word poetry

Scripts for Schools & Community

Over a period of 10 years,  HaveScripts sold both online and print play scripts to school and community theaters all over the world.  An adaptation of James Joyce’s Eveline was produced in Japan.  An adaptation of Cinderella by Mickey Coburn was produced in 12 different countries including the United States, Great Britain, and the Ukraine.

Scripts for Theater in the Community 

Communities can find ways to celebrate their unique identities in many of our scripts.

  • Just recently, Fanny and Manny Tie the Knot, a participatory wedding spoof about an unlikely inter-cultural union by Kathleen McBlair , saw its second production in Canada.
  • The joys and sorrows of Jewish communities emerge respectively in a musical about the foolish people of Chelm, Feathers in the Wind by David Rush and a theatrical version of the Holocaust poems of William Heyen, Distant Survivors, by June Prager.
  • Spiritual communities found  options for holiday celebrations in new Passion Plays and Christmas nativity skits by Father Gerald Gurka. We also publish one of the most-produced  Christian writers in the United States.  A respected director in his own right, Gillette Elvgren’s monologues and plays bring theatricality to devotion.
  • Senior retirement communities see drama as a valuable addition to their residents’ lives. HaveScripts has received an ever-increasing number of requests from senior groups for plays for older actors to perform and applaud. Many of these plays are vehicles for senior drama groups.  Attack at the Pierre-Fontaine by Jan Quackenbush was performed at the Calvary Arts Center in Ohio.

ScriptWorks Press: the Collections

In 2006, the owners of HaveScripts saw a need for collections of plays and monologues. These were published under the imprint of ScriptWorks Press

Play Scripts for Teens

Short plays dealing with teen drama were easily combined into one book.  I Am the Brother of Dragons and several plays from that volume went on to tour for large school audiences.  Popular adaptations of fairy tales (Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White) were collected for young audiences under the title “Charming Princes and Wicked Queens.”

Play Scripts For Seniors

Collections of short-short plays for seniors proved popular among retirees and senior citizen facilities where they were performed.

Drama Scripts for Readers Theater

The collections also gave writers of fiction and poetry a chance to see their monologues and dialogues find a place on the stage for theatrical groups interested in Readers Theater.  A Mirror in Time: History in the First Person and Behind Closed Doors: Tales of Shattered Love, both by Doris Gwaltney are collections of imagined dialogues and monologues by or between famous historical figures.

An evening of monologues from A Mirror in Time (Will Shakespeare, Harriet Tubman, Tsali, the Cherokee warrior from The Trail of Tears) was produced as Readers Theater several times at The Venue on 35th in Norfolk, Virginia, and at The American Theater in Hampton, Virginia.

Blue Moon Plays

In 2013, Blue Moon Plays was created to bring  new, original and innovative plays (comedies, dramas, satires, and theatrical events) to connect with adventurous regional, community, and educational theaters.

Original Play Scripts Worthy of More Productions

Smaller theaters across the country needed to connect to plays that had runs off-Broadway or in prestigious regional theaters.  An example would be Sniper by Bonnie Culver which played in Los Angeles, Off-Off-Broadway , and in numerous community theaters.  This play is loosely based on the first school shooting in the United States in 1975.

Plays of similar quality in our catalogue are awaiting their second, third, or It begins with water dripping from the ceiling of the performance space and puddling on the floor. Eventually, in the mini lake a benign crazy man floats his toy sailboat.

Unproduced Scripts for Plays Worthy of Development

Other plays in our catalogue have had several staged readings and workshops and are still looking for their first production. These plays are available for Premier productions.

Now that Blue Moon Plays and HaveScripts are amalgamated, we will begin a dialogue between audiences searching for “traditional” theater and adventurous audiences seeking out the innovative and experimental.  Producers, directors or teachers, looking for a classic adaptation will discover play scripts with evocative titles, arresting images or challenging subject matter.

Unicorn Bay Press

Inaugurated in 2020, Unicorn Bay Press was created to publish vibrant dramatic poetry which can be utilised for monologue performances and spoken word theatre. .

Individually, the poems are excellent material for solo performances, one-man or one-woman shows and forensic competitions. Performance licensing is dealt with on an individual basis.

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