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May 3 2018

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VIRGINIA BEACH, USA – Play Scripts Publishing & Licensing Company, Blue Moon Plays LLC and Play Scripts Imprint, Havescripts have announced a strategic merger going forward.

Full details on the merger can be viewed here:

The merger will encompass Havescripts and Blue Moon Plays which were publishing on separate websites, serving different markets. Many HaveScripts customers come from the education sector such as middle schools, high schools and colleges looking for the newest and best one-act and full-length plays. Also, community theaters and senior citizen groups seek comedies, dramas and simple sets, while faith-based organizations, looking for ways to dramatize and explore the spiritual, need inspirational comedies and dramas with flexible casting.

The Blue Moon Plays imprint publishes original, provocative comedies, dramas, and farces with versatile casting and staging aimed mainly at adult theatre audiences. Some plays have had off-Broadway productions or significant awards. Others are undiscovered gems, workshopped and looking for a premiere by innovative drama groups and theaters interested in scripts with opportunities for diverse and flexible casting. These hot-off-the-press dramas and comedies challenge reality, raise unanswerable questions, and reflect multi-cultural experiences that make audiences think and discuss around the water cooler. It became clear over time, when analyzing performance license applications, that there was a cross-over, with college and community groups looking for more challenging plays finding what they needed on the Blue Moon Plays site, rather than the Havescripts site. .

In the near future, customers of both companies can expect a wider range of plays to discover. Bringing these two sites together in one website allows customers to explore both worlds simultaneously. Teachers, community drama leaders and professional theater directors now have a much wider range of genres, play types, play lengths and casting requirements. A play search function and an Index of Plays on the new website makes it easier for customers to find plays for their needs.

As part of a long-term strategy, Blue Moon Plays looks forward to growing their customer base with new theatre companies, schools, colleges and community groups finding thrilling and engaging plays to please their students, actors and audiences. When asked about the new joint venture, Owner Jean Klein, said, “Seeking a high school comedy, a drama instructor may discover a site-specific drama suitable for an advanced drama group. In search of a Biblical or historical monologue for a church service or high school competition, a director may find a powerful poetic drama referencing the Holocaust or an in-depth dramatization of a school shooting.”.

Current and future customers are invited to learn more about the joint venture and how they will benefit by visiting the website at

About Blue Moon Plays LLC and Havescripts

Blue Moon Plays LLC was founded in 2014 and serves the Stage Play Scripts industry. Havescripts was founded in 2003 and serves the Education and Community Theater Play Scripts industry.

Contact: Jean Klein

Tel: +1 757-816-1164


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