Unlocked Doors

by Monique Franz
  • 10 minutes
  • 0M2F

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“Unlocked Doors” is a 10-min drama within Monique Franz’s play series, “Legacy of a Father” , and touches on the impact of incest for one woman. Christine, a wife and mother in her thirties, is losing her faith and has hit an emotional wall due to the past sexual abuse of her father. Decades after the abuse, Christine is challenged to aggressively take back the control robbed from her as a child.


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Christine, a wife and mother in her thirties, visits her pastor, Linda, to turn down an invitation to work in the children’s department. Not intending to dive so deep into her problems, Christine shares about her struggles with her marriage, faith, and mental health, stemming from an incestual past involving her father.

Christine confronts Linda with the question of how to grasp the concept of a heavenly father, having an abusive father as a real-life model. Linda, with a fiery personality unlike the archetype of a woman in ministry, challenges Christine to get her power and change her narrative.

This play is also available in the play collection ” Legacy of a Father”

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