This’ll Only Take a Second

by Zach Davis
  • 30-45 minutes
  • 1 F

Classroom Use, Competitions, Depression, Simple Set


As Miranda prepares to go to sleep, she recounts the events of her day—and her life—through a series of imagined and surreal interactions with her parents and psychiatrist.


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Miranda, a high-functioning perfectionist with bipolar disorder type II, uses an app on her phone to journal her thoughts on the day. She tells herself “This’ll only take a second” to finish. Through imagined interactions with her Mom, Dad, and Dr. Stevens, Miranda tackles the intertwining of past and present on her mental health, hopefully allowing herself to be able to sleep.

In this one-woman short play, Zach Davis animates the inner world of many young adults today whose mental health is compromised by a world of gadgets, Instagram, and Zoom. Isolated by a pandemic at a crucial stage in their lives, they strive to find balance in a world filled with sight, sound, and sometimes silence.

Categories: 0 Males , 1 Female actor, College, College, Community, Compassion, Depression, Empathy, Family Relationships, Healing, High School, High School, Manic Depression, Mental Health, Min 1 actor, Professional, Reader’s Theatre, Script, Self Esteem, Self-Confidence, Self-Worth, Teen Issues, Zach Davis
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Dramedy

From the Play

Setting: A bedroom with a queen-size bed, dresser, and end table. On the end table are a cell phone, books about maximizing potential, being the best possible version of yourself, and one on how to relax. The self-improvement books are filled with sticky notes and are well-read. The book on relaxation is pristine, unopened.

At Start:

MIRANDA pulls back the covers and is about to get into bed for the night.

MIRANDA: MIRANDA: Damnit, I forgot to do the journal for today.

(MIRANDA picks up her phone, places the covers back, smooths them down until there are no wrinkles.)

MIRANDA: This’ll only take a second.

MIRANDA: “What have you done for you today?” I ordered a bi-polar self-help book and a chandelier from Amazon because I’ve neglected upscaling the bathroom, and the book gave me free shipping.

(MIRANDA looks at her response, deletes it, prepares to record a new one.)

MIRANDA: “What have you done for you today?” I ordered a bi-polar self-help book to aid in recognizing my triggers and increase awareness of my thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

(MIRANDA looks at her response, posts it.)

MIRANDA: “Did you get outside today?” I think we’re seeing diminishing returns on going outside. Not a lot of benefit to walking the wasteland. When the sun’s out, it’s like the Earth is melting. When it rains, it’s like the sky’s trying to prove to the bible that Nature can write a good flood story, too. Sun or rain, the air is thick and sticky, and people are all around. I don’t want them there, but there they are regardless. Coughs and snot. Uncontrolled children. Joggers in the middle of the sidewalk. Everyone breathing through their mouths. Outside is overrated.

(MIRANDA looks at her response, deletes it, prepares to record a new one.)

MIRANDA: “Did you get outside today?” I took a small walk.

(MIRANDA holds the phone down at her side.)

MIRANDA: No need to mention it was only to the mailbox, and that was only because it’s been a week since I checked it last.

(MIRANDA hunches her shoulders, strokes an imaginary beard.)

DR. STEVENS: Might that, uh, be telling? In some way? What are, uh, your thoughts on that?

MIRANDA: (resuming normal posture)
I already know my thoughts, Dr. Stevens. My thoughts are not a revelation to me. Believe it or not, I’m well versed in what I’m thinking at any given moment. I’m not sure there’s value in seeing you every other week so you can hint cryptically and ask questions that are of no interest to me. Do I really need to be doing all the work, here? Isn’t there something you can do or say to explicitly show what benefits you’re providing?

(MIRANDA resumes DR. STEVENS’s posture.)

DR. STEVENS: That’s, uh, very interesting. I want you to know, you know, that I hear you. I acknowledge your feelings and want you to know you have every right to, uh, to feel them. So, now that we’ve, um, addressed those feelings, what are your thoughts on how you expressed them?

(MIRANDA snorts a small laugh. She resumes normal posture and raises the cellphone again.)

MIRANDA: (speaking into the phone)
On my walk today, I felt somewhat annoyed. I used some of the techniques Dr. Stevens provided to process my annoyance.

(MIRANDA looks at her response, posts it.)


  • De Pere WI, USA 27-29 April 2023

    St Norbert College Theatre Studies

  • Edric Studios, London UK , 16 Jan 2023

    London South Bank University


  • Treynor CSD, 26th February 2022

    Treynor CSD, 26th February 2022

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