The Don

by William Heyen
  • 1 - 60 min
  • 1 - 50 M or F

Fable, Farce, Bare Stage, Collection, Community, Doubling Possible


41 Plays-On-A-Page convey slices of sometimes fantastical life. Sometimes biting social commentary, sometimes whimsical asides. These short dramas and comedies leave the audience guessing about their own lives and the world around them. William Heyen, National Book Award Finalist and major American poet, has turned his pen to the stage, with stellar results.


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These Plays-On-A-Page take the genre of the 10-minute play to its ultimate: plays that can be done in about one minute. Okay, so maybe a few are 2 – 3 pages, but still. These slice-of-life gems can decorate any stage—or conference room or meeting hall, for that matter—as glimpses of life in a nutshell.

From a group of seniors discovering apples, to a Mafia Don (who shoots whom?), to a squirrel whispering in a hunter’s ear, they offer lightning-flash insights into the human condition as only a poet can. Easy to stage, simple to cast, these nuggets also offer intriguing acting and directing exercises for theatre teachers and students.

Produced in tandem, these short plays offer a tour-de-force of magical realism for the stage. Animals and humans populate the stage at a dizzying pace. Mix and match to suit the audience and the actors. In the first and title play, a mafia don takes a shot. Who does it hit? Or does it? These plays are as full of questions about life as they are of answers.



From the Play

The Warning

[No one on stage. We overhear a phone conversation.]

1st Voice:            One place or another, I’m going to catch up to you.

2nd Voice:          Good luck with that.

1st Voice:            I’ll find the rock you’re hiding under.

2nd Voice:          I doubt it. It’s dark where my rock is, and it’s darker under my rock.

[Now two walkers enter from opposite sides of the stage. Both have cells to their faces and pass without paying the slightest attention to one another. Nothing is said while they’re crossing the stage. They disappear.]

1st Voice:            Where are you, you low-life?

2nd Voice:          I’m in an igloo. I’m in a hammock on a veranda in Brazil.

I’m at your local McDonald’s. I’m with your wife and kids.

1st Voice:            Eat up while you can.

2nd Voice:           Your wife says hello, that it’s a pleasure being with me.

1st Voice:            I’ll kill you, you low-life bastard.

2nd Voice:         This is getting tiresome, old friend

[The two walkers cross the stage again, from opposite directions, still holding their cells to their faces. This time they look at one another, acknowledge one another … without recognition … and continue walking away from one another. Both speak into their phones at the same time saying the same thing:]

 2nd Voice:            This is the last time you’ll hear my voice. Get ready.

[The stage goes dark.]


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