Original Relocation

by Jack J. Berry
  • 10 minutes
  • 1 Male, 1 Female, Min/Max 2

Fable, Farce, 2-Character, Bare Stage, Comedy


Adam and Eve start the first world war as they negotiate an uneasy peace when they are banished from Paradise. A funny take on the likely conversation after being ejected from Paradise. And of course, there are rules about Apples.


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Adam and Eve still can’t get along. Who made up that stupid rule about apples, anyway? And which one of them did it apply to? And are they really lost?

Follow them as they try to make peace this side of paradise.

A comedy script for two actors by Jack J. Berry

From the Play

WOMAN: (Whiney) I’m tired. Are we there yet?
MAN: (Irritated) No. Keep walking.
WOMAN: How do YOU know? Maybe we’re lost.
MAN: We’re not there yet and we’re not lost.
WOMAN: Do you even know where we’re going?
MAN: No.
WOMAN: Then how do you know we’re not lost?
MAN: We’re headed in the right direction.
WOMAN: Maybe we’re going in circles.
MAN: No, we’re getting farther from the garden.
WOMAN: I don’t see it anymore. It doesn’t seem like this is going anywhere.
MAN: We’ll BOTH know when we get there. You heard him as well as I did.
WOMAN: (Sad and hurt) I never saw him angry before.
MAN: Well, what did you expect?
WOMAN: I guess a lecture or parable or something.
MAN: One simple rule and YOU couldn’t follow it.
WOMAN: YOU didn’t follow it either. Don’t put all the blame on me!
MAN: I wanted to “validate your decision.”
WOMAN: Besides, I never heard the rule from him — only from you. I should
be off the hook.
MAN: Did you think I was making it up?
WOMAN: It just seemed so arbitrary. And maybe it applied only to you and
not me.
MAN: It wasn’t MY rule — it was HIS. And it applied to both of us.
WOMAN: How can you be so sure?
MAN: I’m stronger than you so you’re supposed to be my helper. You DO
know the one time you were on top was because I let you, right?
WOMAN: Yes, you’re stronger and I want to help you. But that doesn’t mean I
have to do everything you tell me.
MAN: Well, you definitely should’ve listened to me THAT time. I told you
EXACTLY what he said. Word for word.
WOMAN: That lousy snake in the grass!
MAN: Still blaming the serpent.
WOMAN: Snake.
MAN: You told him it was a serpent.

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