Group S.O.S.: Survivors Of Sexual Abuse

by Bonnie Culver
  • 95 Minutes
  • 6F

Abuse, Auditions, Classroom Use, Mental Health Issues, Monologue, sexual abuse, Colleges, Depression, High School, Minimal Set, Self-esteem


In GROUP S.O.S. by Bonnie Culver, the S.O.S stands for Survivors Of Sexual abuse.  In two separate full-length plays, male or female survivors both confront and comfort one another as they begin their processes of healing. Appropriate for a teen or adult audience, previous productions of these plays have led to audience members seeking help as they begin to recognize themselves among the characters. Run time is about 95 minutes.


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The plays are male and female explorations of an adult therapy group (Survivors of Sexual Abuse) in which the characters meet, clash with, and eventually work to heal one another. The language and delicacy with which the subject matter is handled makes it accessible to high school and college students, a number of whom, statistically, have probably experienced some of the situations in the plays. Reading the two plays side by side reveals that they are essentially the same play structure but are different plays.

Originally, the play presented only the drama of a woman’s therapy group. But, after its first production at Hollywood High in California, it was apparent that something was missing: all the young men who had been molested. Men being open and vulnerable about themselves and their experiences can affect people a great deal. Although the plays are about an adult therapy group, the characters have been molested in their youth, which gives a distance that allows conversation with teen victims about their current experiences.

These plays may be useful for drama therapy practitioners, abuse survivor support groups, discussions about mental health in high schools, colleges, mental health centers,  prisons, and community support groups.

Both the playwright, Bonnie Culver, and its first director, Adam Hill, recommend that the play be done in conjunction with an existing school counseling program.

arrow pointing to Group S.O.S.View the female only version of Group S.O. S.


arrow pointing to Group S.O.S.View the Male Only version of Group S.O.S. 

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