Independence Day

by Marj O'Neill-Butler
  • 10 - 40 minutes

Simple Set


In these three short comedies for seniors by Marj O’Neill-Butler,  characters of a certain age struggle against grown children, spouses, or former tormentors to maintain their own psychological and social independence.


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These three comedies for seniors, a fight for independence is at the core of the story.

Script 1
“Cleaning House”
Marcia is trying to get her mother, who has recently had a fall, to move into an assisted living complex. Billie, the mother, wants no part of it as she has found a new life. Marcia is in for more than one surprise after Brad enters the scene.

Script 2 
“Flight Fright” 
Three mature friends have gathered for coffee and a discussion of Judy’s expected new grandson. After joking about how Judy, who is afraid of airplanes, will get to Denver to see the baby being born, she receives a phone call that her son has been in a serious accident. Using game playing, her friends try to talk Judy into flying out to be with him.

Script 3
“They Call it Teasing”
Introduces us to a couple who turn the tables on their former high school tormenters at a class reunion.

From the Play

From Flight Fright:

JOAN: Here’s what we want! “Plane crash facts that could save your life.”

CAROL: Good let’s set up a potential crash. (She starts to move the furniture around.) Right. You’re three across in the exit aisle.

JUDY: What if I’m not in the exit aisle?

CAROL: We pay extra so you are. Everything’s extra these days. Sit down Judy. Okay, Joan. Take us through it.

JOAN: Alright. Have a plan of action. Read the instructions carefully. You know, read that whole fold out thingy they give you in the seat pocket.

CAROL: What else?

JOAN: Wear non-flammable clothing. Your polyester pants with the elastic waist will have to go, or you’ll burst into flames.

JUDY: I love those pants.

CAROL: They make your ass look flat, and they don’t have pockets.

JOAN: Yeah, they want you to keep your valuables and ID on you. Leave your baggage and get out of there quickly. Down the slide on your bottom.

CAROL: Okay, time for a run through. Close your eyes, Judy. Okay. Suddenly it gets bumpy. Check your seat belt is fastened.

JUDY: Um, okay. Check.

CAROL: Now it’s really bumpy. Suddenly the plane drops.

She tips Judy’s chair back and Judy screams, as Joan gets into it.

JOAN: The oxygen masks drop down.

Joan grabs an empty coffee cup and puts it over Judy’s nose.

JUDY: I can’t breathe.

CAROL: Don’t panic. Nice easy breaths. Suddenly the Captain says “We’re going down.” Brace yourself. Crash position.

JUDY: Can I get rid of this coffee cup?



  • Albuquerque, NM - 4 May 2020

    Las Colinas Theater Group ( Seniors Theatre Group)

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