Wrong Place, Wrong Time

by Monique Franz
  • 10 minutes
  • 4-5M, 01-F, Max/Min 5

flexible cast, Simple Set


“Wrong Place, Wrong Time” is another 10-minute short in Monique Franz play series, “Legacy of a Father.” The script touches on the soil on which many troubled inner-city youth grow, especially those without the presence of a quality father figure. The script highlights the lack of choices that men of urban contexts are presented with, from birth until adulthood.


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  • Class/Group Study 35.00 Printable PDF for Multiple Copies

Performance Fee $15.00 A Production License Fee Per Performance (mandatory for all performances)

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Play Details


A Caucasian public defender presents Daveon, a nineteen-year-old African American male, with the choice to take a plea bargain, confessing to felony arson. Although Daveon runs with a bad crowd, he insists that he is innocent of the crime, and explains how the presented “choice” leaves him, as a young Black man, without a choice.

This play is also available in the play collection ” Legacy of a Father”

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