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Tom and Huck–Breakin’ the Law

by Gregory Fletcher
  • 110 Minutes
  • M 5-6/ F 2-3/Max 9/Min 7

Colleges, Comedy, Competitions, Doubling Possible, Edgy Play, Friendship, High School, Teens


A romantic comedy that envisions Tom and Huck as gay sixteen-year-olds, trapped in the 1850’s in St. Petersburg, Missouri. The adventures will be familiar, yet comically twisted, filled with teenage angst, and discovery of one’s own sexuality and identity. By the end, the boys find their place in this world from the power of extended family.

The beloved characters in this send-up remain innocent and faithful to the loving spirit of Twain’s original novels. Written by the recipient of the Mark Twain Prize for Comic Playwriting, Gregory Fletcher, presented by the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival.


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Tom and Huck - Breakin' the Law play script production photo
Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania Bloomsburg Players.

This adaptation of the Tom and Huck story tackles an interesting question.

What was the real relationship between Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn?

Was it platonic mateship or was there a romance?

The teenagers in the script include:

Tom, Huck, Sid, Becky, and Newcomer Boy.  The adults include Aunt Polly, Huck’s Pappy, the School Master, and the Preacher.

Some of the original adventures are present but twistedly different: Tom’s whitewashing a fence, his engagement to Becky, Huck’s rafting with Big Jim, his drunkard Pappy’s abuse, Tom and Huck bonding on Jackson’s Island, and their faked deaths.

The relationship between Tom and Huck is tastefully done and is suitable for both high school and college audiences. This script has had previous college productions.


New Adventures in this adaptation.

  • Tom’s struggle to come out of the closet
  • Huck’s passing patience
  • Sid’s flamboyance
  • Aunt Polly’s eating disorder
  • The Preacher’s stroke
  • The School Master’s corporal punishment
  • The pirates’ buried treasure
  • Tom’s and Huck’s very tastefully staged bath

Downloadable PDF Preview copies are available.


From the Play

Act 1 Scene 2

A pathway toward school. Sid skips on and turns back to see if anyone’s coming.

Sid: Meoowww! Meooww!

HUCK, 16 years old, enters from behind Sid. He’s barefooted and wearing worn overalls without a shirt. As Sid turns to leave, he runs smack into Huck and falls to the ground.

Sid: Fancy running into you, Huck.
Huck: Ain’t nothin’ fancy ‘bout it.
Sid: It’s been a while.
Huck: Here for now. Say, I thought the meow was a secret call between me and Tom.
Sid: Sometimes when you’re gone good and long, I use it to see Tom jump up and git all excited.
Huck: Meow or not, Tom jumps up and gets all excited fer every boy in town. (Huck notices Sid’s bandaged left hand.) What happened here?
Sid: Don’t worry ‘bout me; I got me a thick skin.
Tom (O.S.): Meoowww!
Sid: Here he comes. I’ll bake ya an apple pie and you can fetch it at the kitchen window.
Huck: Ain’t that stealin’?
Sid: Not if I leaves it for ya. It’s a gift; I’m a giver.
Tom (O.S.): Meoowww!

Sid rushes off.

Huck: Meoowww!

Tom enters with the milk and gives it to Huck.

Tom: Where ya been? Your pappy’s been in jail over a week now; I been expectin’ ya.
Huck: Here for now.

Tom gives Huck two rolls from one pocket and a sausage from another.

Huck: You don’t gotta.
Tom: Gotta what?
Huck: Food and all.
Tom: Want anything else? Name it; it’s yours.
Huck: It’s not up to me.
Tom: Huh? Why not?
Huck: You name it, and it’s yours.

Tom doesn’t know what to say. Disappointed, Huck turns to go.

Tom: Where ya goin’?
Huck: Don’t know ‘til my feets take me there.
Tom: See ya later then?
Huck: What’s wrong with now?
Tom: Wait fer me after school?
Huck: Fer what?
Tom: What’d’ya talkin’?
Huck: I got eyes, don’t I? Is it ‘cause I cain’t read? Aww, never you mind, if it ain’t one thing, it’s another.

Huck exits.

Tom: Huck, I don’t mind readin’ to ya. Hucky? (Tom is at a loss for words.)

NEWCOMER BOY, 16 years old, enters wearing his Sunday best and carrying a shiny red apple. Tom sees him and is instantly distracted from Huck’s exit.

Tom: Woh doggy, it ain’t Sunday.
Newcomer Boy: I’m lookin’ for the schoolhouse, not the church.
Tom: Your cap is sure a dainty thing. And your close-buttoned blue cloth roundabout is new and natty.
Newcomer Boy: And my pantaloons, too. So?
Tom: Sure is a bright bit o’ ribbon.
Newcomer Boy: Never seen a necktie before?
Tom: You a city boy?
Newcomer Boy: Used to be. Now, we live here. Can ya show me the way or not? Or at least point? You look like ya wanna lick me. I’d like to see you do it.
Tom: You would?
Newcomer Boy: Fool with me and I’ll fool with you.
Tom: You will?
Newcomer Boy: Make the first move and find out.
Tom: Promise?
Newcomer Boy: Huh? What?

Tom drags his foot across the path of Newcomer Boy.

Tom: Step over that line and I’ll lick ya good. Real good.
Newcomer Boy: (Stepping over the line) Hope you’re not a liar.
Tom: By jingo, you city boys are…are…are…
Newcomer Boy: Tongue tied?
Tom: By jiminy, welcome to town newcomer boy.

Tom spits in his hand and offers to shake hands with Newcomer Boy.

Newcomer Boy: Save it. You leadin’ the way or not?
Tom: You like to wrestle?
Newcomer Boy: Not in my Sunday best. But I could take ‘em off.
Tom: You like caves?
Newcomer Boy: Lead. The. Way.
Tom: Jipers, I ‘spect things are finally changing for the better around here. Whew-who!

They run off. Huck enters from hiding and shaking his head with disappointment. He exits in the opposite direction.



  • CUNY-Kingsborough Community College 2014

  • Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

    Bloomsburg Players.

    Tom and Huck - Breakin' the Law play script production photo


  • Niagara University 2010

    Staged Reading

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