by Matthew S. Hinton
  • 110 Minutes
  • 2F-5F, 2M - 5M

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Playroom is a series of comedies created by the author as a way to explore the short play and “one act” format, one setting (and one evening) at a time. An otherwise ordinary family, the characters of Hinton’s Playroom are thrust into extraordinary, supernatural, and preternatural circumstances.


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Play Details


Each work in the series is set in a different room of their house, and serves as an exploration into the very rooms and spaces that we all inhabit: the kitchen, the bathroom, the attic, the bedroom, the garage, the back yard, the dining room, and finally, the living room. Along the way, the settings themselves complicate matters in strange and inexplicable ways – the fridge turns out to be a time machine, ghosts and zombies inhabit the attic and garage, demons and misguided hippies and a clairvoyant become interlopers.

Contains the plays

Drake Disappears
Rich’s Well Made
Out Out
Oil Panfango
Patres Familias
Dinner With Osmina
All The Year
Talk The Night

Each of the plays is available individually and is listed under the author’s name Matthew Hinton

As they discover the ups and downs of their home, the family must also confront themselves and each other. Like most families, they learn each other’s secrets and fears, habits and pet peeves, problems and joys. Sometimes their encounters are as fragmented and twisted as the room they are in, and sometimes they manage to put pieces of their lives back together. More often, they take the time to offer each other hope and love in the face of uncertain circumstances.

At its heart, Playroom is a series about exploring the hidden value of everyday spaces, as well as connecting (and reconnecting) with loved ones. Playroom is a theatrical experiment that examines the relationships of the nuclear family against the backdrops of a seemingly normal home.

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