Off Our Rockers

by Pamela Munson Steadman
  • 10 - 60 minutes
  • 1 - 9 M / 1 - 9 F/ Doubling Possible

Seniors, Variable Length, Collection, Colleges, Comedy, Flexible Casting, Small Cast


This collection of madcap 10-minute comedies appeals to everyone from teens to seniors. Casts include elves, grumpy homophobic neighbors, and a troupe of historical characters come to life.


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Performance Fee $50.00 A Production License Fee Per Performance (mandatory for all performances)

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Off Our Rockers is a collection of 8 zony short-shorts for all ages and stages. Part camp fairy-tale, part imagination gone wild, part slightly off-beat reality, Pamela Steadman’s locale is a world of satisfyingly weird encounters and odd relationships.

Ms. Henrietta Lofe is on strike! She’s so very tired of baking bread for ungrateful village folk in this spin-off of The Little Red Hen.

Two aging sisters agree to help out their younger thug-of-a-brother wipe out a few contracted ‘hits.’

Two lonely divorced seniors find out that they have much more than they want in common.

An elderly homophobic refuses to allow a young gay neighbor to rake and dispose of her leaves.

And more!

Visit these 8 short plays to find the oddball side of life. Great for an evening of shorts for senior theatre, community theaters, and high school and college.


From the Play

Synopsis: Ms. Henrietta Lofe is on strike! She’s so very tired of baking bread for ungrateful village folk. In this spin-off of The Little Red Hen, Ms. Lofe has to appear in court, facing His Honor, Judge Mental.

Due to a truckers ’strike that has lasted over three weeks, we now find Ms. Henrietta Lofe, the only bread maker in town, refusing to make any more bread…mostly due to the fact that she’s more than fed up with those in her family (as well as her friends) who have refused to reach out to her in the past.
Setting: Anywhere nursery rhymes and fairytales exist.

Voice Over: Narrator
Henrietta Lofe: Fed up, aging bread maker
Judge Mental: Temperamental judge, 50+

VOICE OVER: Welcome to our tiny community… where fairy tales come true and nursery rhymes are slightly twisted.
(Searching for faces amongst the audience now)
And you all know exactly who you are! Our drama begins with His Honor, Judge Mental who is now holding our beloved Ms. Lofe practically in contempt.
JUDGE MENTAL: (Peering over to Ms. Lofe) Now Ms. Lofe. Knowing that the community has suffered greatly due to this truckers ’strike, how can you possibly sit there and refuse to open your bread shop?
MS. LOFE: My nerves are shot, that’s why.
JUDGE MENTAL: Do you not realize the chaos that you have caused our community?
MS. LOFE: The chaos that I have caused? Come now, your honor, surely you jest.
JUDGE MENTAL: (Banging down his gavel) I most certainly do not jest madam! I’m relying on the former testimony of The Muffin Man and Simon the Pie Man.
MS. LOFE: Oh please. Those two wannabes? The Muffin Man resents me…he always has. He’s lived on Drury (more like Dreary) Lane for years; yet I cannot tell you the umpteen times folks have stopped by MY bakery asking for directions to this crumb’s delivery cart!
JUDGE MENTAL: It sounds to me as though you resent The Muffin Man,
MS. LOFE: Have you ever tasted his wares, Judge Mental?
JUDGE MENTAL: (Looking up and thinking) Hmmm…I know my wife didn’t care for his Lemon Tarts…the ones with the cream cheese crust and banana frosting. Of course, his Chocolate Multiple Orgasm Muffins are…
MS. LOFE: Box mixes.

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