The Legacy of an Invisible Father

by Monique Franz
  • 10 minutes
  • 2F2M

flexible cast, Simple Set


“The Legacy of an Invisible Father” is a 10-min drama within Monique Franz’s play series “Legacy of a Father.” The short play highlights one woman’s futile attempt to locate a father through a private investigator. Angela’s lifelong loss of a father figure is further complicated by her biracial identity and her struggles with an unloving mother. Within the script, Angela must come to the terms that fate hadn’t been cruel to her at all, that maybe the absence of her father was the heavens working in her favor.


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Angela, a biracial woman in her thirties, hires a private investigator to locate her dad, Jimmy Smith. During the initial consultation, Angela reminisces on how her childhood with an emotionally distant White mother and an absentee Black father caused strain in her sense of identity. The private investigator, who has the perfect life experience to have compassion to Angela’s sense of loss, prepares her for disappointment that is likely to come in one form or another.

This play is also available in the script collection ” Legacy of a Father”.

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