I Am The Brother of Dragons

by Gillette Elvgren
  • 50 - 60 minutes
  • 3 Males, 2 Females, Max/Min Cast 5

Collection, Simple Set, Touring


collection of 50-minute plays for teens by Gillette Elvgren.  Teen suicide, drug abuse, school drop out, and peer pressure are among the teen challenges that form the substance of the dramas in these 50-minute plays. With simple sets, props, and masks, these teen plays provide a springboard for meaningful discussion.


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These play scripts are ideal for classroom performance and discussion, at 50 minutes length, they fit into a school period. They are excellent acting scripts for kids, teens and tweens.

Plays in the Collection:

  • I AM THE BROTHER OF DRAGONS focuses on the problems that having a teenage chemical substance addict create within the family.
  • ALL DRESSED UP is concerned with sexual activity in the high school arena with an emphasis on abstinence.
  • DROP OUT addresses the chronic problem of dropouts in urban schools and proposes a positive approach to looking at this concern.
  • OPHELIA LIVES features a drama team that is doing scenes from HAMLET as they explore Ophelia’s angst in terms of modern teen conundrums, such as eating disorders, cutting, and suicide.
  • THREE LONG DAYS puts five kids in a “Survivor’ situation in which they spend three days on a deserted stage and have to explore the values of self esteem, learning to work together and support one another.

Also available as Single Plays – click the links to go to the detail page for each script and read a script extract

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