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The time frame is 1995 in a retirement village. All three characters are sitting in a living room.

Sylvia and Diane are sharing a bottle of wine.

Len is wearing a dog’s mask because he has been reincarnated as the family pet, “Irving.”

Irving lies contentedly at Sylvia’s feet.





From the Play

Lord, deliver me from these miserable old farts, bingo chips, and church services sung in hillbilly fashion!

I don’t go to church. I stopped in the ‘60’s when my minister refused to marry Danny and me.

He refused to marry you?


She? Oh please. ‘Guess I’m not a Libber.

I’m all for women in the pulpit, but Pastor Nancy-Fancy Pants ruled the holy roost! All Danny and I wanted was to get married on the beach and this “saint” refused. She thought it highly improper to marry in jeans, flip flops, and a veil.

You actually wore a wedding veil with jeans?

Sure! ‘Total freedom from the extraneous.

Well for heaven’s sake, what did you expect then?

We were having a fantastic wedding, that’s what I was thinking. Guru Leet Patel ended up marrying Danny and me. We danced all night to tambourines on sand dunes.

A Guru married you? I’ve heard it all now. Whew.

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