Daddy’s Silhouette

by Monique Franz
  • 10 minutes
  • 2F1M


From her earliest memory, Quiana, an African American woman in her twenties, is desperate for the love of an absentee father, which carries into her adulthood. Her fear of abandonment bleeds into her marriage to Tommy, an easy-going seaman, who demonstrates saint-like patience with his wife’s chronic daddy issues.


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Play Details


Short piece, Daddy is a character only in the minds of the characters on stage—in essence, an ever-present silhouette on the wall. Quiana and Tommy are man and wife but the life they live is more parent and child. On this day, Tommy, a sailor, needs to appear for duty. But Quiana can’t let him go, as much as she can’t let the memory of her deceased, abusive father go. As she struggles, sometimes physically, to prevent Tommy from leaving, a narrator, (her mind?) relates the script that runs non-stop through her head, and she attempts to force Tommy into her father’s old role.

This play is also available in the script collection ” Legacy of a Father”.

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