Candy and Toys

by Monique Franz
  • 10 minutes
  • 1 M/1F /Max/Min 2

Simple Set


A ten-page short play from a series of plays within a collection – Legacy of a Father – by playwright, Monique Franz. The script addresses the emotional toll on women raised without the love and affection of a father. Based on a real-life interview, the story highlights the negative impact of a culture that values sons over daughters, men over women.


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Play Details


In a desperate quest for love and affirmation, Lilly, the main character, situates herself within a life of promiscuity, drugs, and self-destruction. When she meets someone who boldly confronts her about her issues, Lilly is forced to acknowledge the source of her trauma, but even with the awareness, Lilly struggles to make choices for change.

Lilly, a Singaporean dancer in her twenties, invites her stage manager, Carter, up to her place for a good time. Having a party-girl lifestyle and loose reputation, Lilly does not anticipate anything more than a night of sex, booze, and drugs. However, she winds up confiding in Carter about her emotional wounds rooted in the loss of love and attention of her father combined with a separate encounter with sexual abuse as a child.

Lilly’s emotional trauma has manifested in cuts up and down her arm, which alarms Carter, her gentlemen caller. Coming to terms with the beautiful woman’s unhomely issues, Carter has to make a decision on whether to oblige Lilly’s lust to self-destruct or to offer her authentic counsel.

This play is also available in the script collection ” Legacy of a Father”.

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