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Plays About Government Conspiracies & Political Drama

Conspiracy theories abound and often they are real. Behind closed doors or before the hysteria of the mob, our politicians are fallible, human, tempted by power and money. The power of a lie, the fallibility of our politicians and political institutions creates civic drama. These themes are resonant in the plays here, and plays can often more effectively address the public anxieties of the here and now by returning to the past.


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  • not your fairy godmother-Jack.J.Berry

    Not Your Fairy Godmother

    by Jack J. Berry
    • 10 minutes
    • 1F4M

    Simple Set

    A comedy that actually DEFENDS insurance companies because everyone just assumes that insurance companies have an unlimited amount of money to hand out.

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  • An Enemy of the People

    by David H. Klein
    • 100 minutes
    • 8 Males 4 Females Max 15+ Min 12 (Doubling Possible)

    Community, environmental satire, Flexible Casting

    Cut but uncensored! This full-length play by Jean Klein is true to the original text which savages corrupt institutions, greedy corporations, arrogant politicians, and our disdain for protecting the environment. This large-cast play can be performed by 10+ actors and plays well for high school, colleges, universities, community and professional theaters.

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  • D. D. Bertha Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

    by D.D. Delaney
    • 40 Minutes
    • 1 Male, 0 Female, Max/Min 1

    Competitions, Flexible Casting, Simple Set

    A monologue by D.D. Delaney. The driver of a van for a retirement community takes us into the eerie world of possible illusion or delusion when Bertha, a passenger on his van, begins to describe some disturbing events.  The van driver is also a journalist for an alternative press in this small town.  Of course, he has to investigate, even knowing that most of his patients are mentally disturbed. The voices are narrated by the van driver, but may also be read by other actors. Great for seniors, middle school and high school competitions, and auditions.

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