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Unicorn Bay Press publishes poetry and is an Imprint of Blue Moon Plays. Inaugurated in 2020, poetry published under the Unicorn Bay Press imprint is selected for its luminous and vivid nature, which makes great spoken word theatre for readings and performance by one actor. As well as being enjoyable for private reading, the poems are superb to use as monologues by male and female actors and can be performed in series to create a theatrical production. Often featuring under-represented voices, the poetry will appeal to directors, actors, students and theatre companies offering performances by diverse performers for diverse audiences.

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  • River Country

    by Carolyn Kreiter-Foronda & Robert P. Arthur
    • 70 minutes
    • 4M/5F; Max 9/Min9; 3 musicians

    Classroom Use, Poetic Drama, Bare Stage, Minimal Set, Music Lead Sheets

    A lilting poem for the stage, follows the passionate meeting of a man and woman who share neither language nor culture, yet fall in love. Through the rhythmic blending of language and song, the play combines poetry and both traditional and original melodies to illuminate this romantic union that ultimately overcomes geography and tradition.

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