Steven Young

Produced full-length plays: The King’s Face, The Wal*Mart-ians, Cheddar Heads, The Night Witches, The Resurrectionists, A Proper Man, and The Night We Bombed Lincoln Towing. New full-length scripts The Rehearsal and Obscenity have both garnered awards and development workshops.

His produced shorts & one-acts include: The Soothsayer, Under the Overpass, Submission, The Lesson, The Last Cigar, Le Coeur de Pierre, Game Changer, Blank Canvas, Boiling Frog and Fish Out of Water. Produced adaptations: The Three Sisters, Creditors, A Christmas Carol, The Cherry Orchard, The Seagull and Lysistrata.

Young is a classically trained actor with an MFA in directing and a certificate in Novel Writing from City University-London. He has appeared in or directed all but six plays from the Shakespearian canon. Currently, Young is an associate professor of theatre at Texas Woman’s University and lives in Dallas, TX.

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  • Charles Dickens Presents A Christmas Carol

    by Steven Young
    • 90 Minutes
    • 21M; 25F Max 60+/ Min 20

    Young Audience, Aging, Children's Theatre, Colleges, Comedy, Community, Theatrical Staging Possible

    This large-cast play with a variable cast, preserves the original story of A Christmas Carol while revealing the story of its author Charles Dickens. Two families, one fictional, one historical, find their way to a brighter New Year for themselves and others around them. God Bless Us Everyone. Great for school, community, LORT, and professional theatres for a new twist on an old tale.

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