Peter Gunter

Peter Gunter is an award-winning playwright. His plays include The Crying Tree, The Garden, The Narcissist, and Tennis Lessons. His work has been produced in New York and in regional theatres in Virginia, including Live Arts and The Belmont Arts Collective.

He has won the John Golden Award for playwriting and several awards for his video documentary Artist on the Western Front. He has been represented by the William Morris Agency for his screenplay, Joey, about the life of gangster, Joey Gallo. He earned his BA from the University of Virginia and his MA from CUNY.

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  • The Crying Tree

    by Peter Gunter
    • 110 Minutes
    • 4 Males/3Females/Max/Min 7

    Dramedy, African American Theme, Colleges, Community, Diverse Cast, Drama

    A stunning drama with wonderful comic scenes, which received a special mention in the 2019 ScreenCraft Stage Play Competition. The story: in 2018, a black Congressman is caught up in a Trump impeachment battle and the alt right. Two hundred years earlier at the same plantation home, a slave is deciding whether to escape. Two parallel stories show how much has and hasn’t changed about race and politics in America.

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