Kay Rhoads

Kay Rhoads is a native Iowan who has spent her professional life as an administrator of programs and services at the state women’s prison. Much of her writing reflects the challenges and struggles of women but Kay also like to write about the funnier side of the human condition. Her plays range from the dark drama of “The Burning Pile”, which has been produced in Buffalo and read in Athens, Greece as well as other cities, to “The Stone Naked Woman”, a fast moving comedy produced in community theatres and high schools around the country. The play closest to her heart is “From the Backseat” which is based on a day trip she took with her parents after her father had suffered a stroke. The communication in the car and conversation of her parents in “the backseat” revealed the clear but unspoken desire of her father to, one more time, be figuratively and literally in the driver’s seat.

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  • From the Back Seat

    by Kay Rhoads
    • 40 Minutes
    • 2 Males 2 Females Max 4 Min 4

    Minimal Set, Older Cast

    A one-act family comedy with senior actors. Who controls the family car? Harold promised to give Emma a more exciting life. But who will be in the driving seat?  Their 40-year old  daughter and son-in-law think Harold  is past it, but he wants to show them he still has what it takes.  This play works well for community theaters, senior groups, and Readers Theater.

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