Ed Friedman

Ed’s short plays have been staged throughout the NY metropolitan area by companies including, Gallery Players, EndTimes Productions, DarkNight Productions, Village Playwrights, Turtle Shell Productions, Axial Theatre, The Puzzle Theatre Festival, Hand to Mouth Players, Aery Theatre Company, South Street Arts Festival, Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art, Long Island Theatre Collective, and the Belmont Playhouse.

They include Secret Dreamers, The Keys to Life?, PLACES, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, It’s Time, Mine/Ours, The Jury Will Disregard, Out and About, Let No Man Tear Asunder. His longer play The Prism has been published in the journal Audience. His monologues are published in the anthologies of Mother/Daughter Monologues: Mid-Life Catharsis and Urgent Maturity published by the International Centre for Women Playwrights. His essay Chevrolet is published in the Bronx Memoir Project, Vol 1.

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  • Short Plays for Long Lives

    by Ed Friedman
    • 10 - 60 minutes

    Collection, Doubling Possible, Flexible Casting

    A collection of six 10-minute plays for seniors and senior theater groups. With mostly senior cast members, these short comedies plays about old people play well for senior groups and senior actors.  They may be produced as Readers Theater, or on stage individually or as a group.  These are good plays for amdram groups and community theater.

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