David Poyer

David Poyer’s forty-plus books include The Dead of Winter, Winter in the Heart, As the Wolf Loves Winter, and Thunder on the Mountain, literary novels set in Pennsylvania; The Med, The Gulf, The Circle, The Passage, Tomahawk, China Sea, Black Storm, The Command, The Threat, Korea Strait, The Weapon, The Crisis, The Towers, and The Cruiser, USA Today best-selling military novels; White Continent, Star Seed, The Shiloh Project, and Stepfather Bank, science fiction; Fire on the Waters, A Country of Our Own, That Anvil of Our Souls, and The Only Thing to Fear, historical novels; and Ghosting and The Whiteness of the Whale, sea tales. He has also published oral history, travel and biographical nonfiction, and collaborated on memoirs. His work has been translated into Japanese, Dutch, Italian, and Serbo–Croatian. Poyer was a founding editor of The New Virginia Review, a board member of the Library of Virginia, and is currently a fellow of the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts and publisher at Northampton House Press. He teaches at Wilkes University.

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  • blood moon play cover

    Blood Moon: Or, The Adventure of the Abducted Sorceress

    by David Poyer
    • 90 Minutes
    • 7M, 6F, Max 14, Min 7

    The year is 1885. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson are chatting in the parlor at 221B Baker Street when a strangely attired group of individuals enter, pleading for help. They say they’re from a traveling bazaar of magic and someone has kidnapped their impresario, Madame Vera.

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  • Shadowland

    by David Poyer
    • 30-45 minutes
    • 4M, 3W

    Community, Competitions, High School, Simple Set

    A one-act haunting drama. Pursued by disturbing dreams, Eileen visits her psychiatrist. The truth becomes increasingly elusive. She may or may not have been in an accident. An accident may or may not have happened. Perhaps even a murder? And who is the Ferryman who comes for Eileen?   This play works well for high school competitions and community theater.

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