Everyman is a morality play written in the 16th Century by Christpher Marlowe.

God sends Death to ask Everyman for an account of his life, as a tally of good and bad deeds. Everyman tries to get other characters such as ‘Fellowship’ and material ‘Goods’ to join him on his journey, but he is forced to realise that they are no help to him.

In the end, Knowledge directs him to make a Confession, and he gains forgiveness. But when he dies, Everyman is left only with his Good Deeds to help him get to Heaven.

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  • EveryKid

    by Gillette Elvgren
    • 45 Minutes
    • 1 Male 1 Female Max 6 Min 2

    With roots in the morality play, EVERYMAN, this fun participatory play for children by Gillettte Elvgren, depicts the adventures of two contemporary kids, Everygirl and Everyboy as they explore some of the temptations of our American culture. The kids decide they don’t need each other and take off separately into the adult worlds of Moneyland, Beautyland, Factland and Success City. Can be performed for and by children.

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