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Christmas Play Scripts for Kids – Queens & Princesses

Does your school or college Christmas Play have Royal Characters like a Queen, a Princess or a Duchess?

Learning to play a Queen, Princess or Duchess for a school play can be quite a challenge for kids and teens unless you know the rules of Royal Etiquette based on British monarchy rules.  How do you stand? How do you sit elegantly? How do you hold a knife and fork? How do you hold a teacup? How do you eat your soup?

Understanding the ” pecking order” of who goes first in a Royal Procession can give an authentic and comical air to a play production where royal characters are involved. Would students handle themselves differently if they knew the rules? Exaggerating the rules and mannerisms can give that extra comedic lift to a play where youngsters need to act like royalty.

This video shows some young females acting by the Princess Rules for a day, to hilarious effect.

Generally, Queens, Princesses and other royal characters like Kings, Princesses and Dukes appear in scripts that are adapted from popular fairy tales, or plays about the characters in fairy tales.

But the characters in the play don’t even need to be royal characters to get the comedy effect.

Think of the stepmother in Cinderella and the three unpleasant step-sisters who behave like they think they are princesses and Cinderella a lowly servant.

Under our Havescript imprint we have some captivating plays with royal characters for kids,  teens or theatre companies to perform.

These work especially well for Christmas shows.

Would you like to see a Cinderella that is just so sassy? An opera diva stepmother? A saucy, flippant Snow White surrounded by funny  “camp” characters? A Sleeping Beauty like you’d never imagine – with wicked Godmothers, good Godmothers, magicians, kings, clowns and processions. A Prince turned into a hedgehog by the hasty words of his mother the Queen. Or, a fantasy musical mixture of several fairy tales where the female characters just will not accept that they have to be rescued by handsome Princes!

Browse these truly modern adaptations of Fairytales – scripts with a twist.

Looking for a non-traditional play for Christmas for kids or teens to perform? Browse our selection of plays about Christmas, the Nativity, or plays where the action takes place at Christmas time.

Christmas plays for High School or College students to perform. 

Christmas Plays for Middle School students to perform.

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