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We have over 30 full-length plays for High School students, middle schools, adults, community and church groups. Browse compelling full-length plays on contemporary themes, original scripts, stage adaptations, comedies, dramas and dramedies. Discover full-length farces, satires, historical plays with relevance for today, plays about hot topics of today; school shootings to name one; sexual abuse to name another.

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  • Front Cover Sniper - A Play in One Act


    by Bonnie Culver
    • 90 Minutes
    • 8 Males; 2 Females; Doubling Possible

    Colleges, Community, Doubling Possible, Drama, Edgy Play

    Award-winning full-length drama for 8-10 actors, SNIPER is very loosely based upon the nation’s first school shooting in 1975. The drama explores the mind and life of seventeen year old Anthony Vaccaro, who fatally shoots 9 citizens of a small town in upstate New York. Moving back and forth in time, Vaccaro searches his own past and remembers….

    Great for high school, college, and community theater and discussion groups.

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