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All Female cast one act plays. Collections 10 minute plays for female cast. 60 minute play scripts with all females about survivors of sexual abuse. political all-female cast play. Scripts for all-female theatre. Female monologues collection – women from the Bible. One act comedy musical with all female cast and all-female character from fairytales.


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  • Front Cover Group S.O.S. -female version

    Group S.O.S. Female Version

    by Bonnie Culver
    • 50 Minutes
    • 6 Females

    This is the female version of GROUP S.O.S. by Bonnie Culver, the S.O.S stands for Survivors Of Sexual abuse.  In this 1-hour play, female survivors both confront and comfort one another in a therapy as they begin their processes of healing. Appropriate for a teen or adult audience, previous productions of these plays have led to audience members seeking help as they begin to recognize themselves among the characters.

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