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All Female cast one act plays. Collections 10 minute plays for female cast. 60 minute play scripts with all females about survivors of sexual abuse. political all-female cast play. Scripts for all-female theatre. Female monologues collection – women from the Bible. One act comedy musical with all female cast and all-female character from fairytales.


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  • Front cover Shorts for All Seasons America Revisited - 6 Satirical short Plays

    Shorts for All Seasons: America Revisited

    • 10 - 60 minutes
    • 1 Male 1 Female Max 6 Min 2

    Flexible Casting, Simple Set

    A collection of six 10-minute satires – plays written by the renowned Virginia Playwrights Forum, lampoons the American political and social landscape. From taxes and lotteries, to classroom education and TV talk show hosts, the foibles of present-day America are revealed.

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