The Art of the Duel

by Jack J. Berry
  • 10 minutes
  • 1F2M

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A comedic look at what DUELING would be like if it were legal in the 21st century. The arbiter continues to have a thankless task.


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A comedic look at what dueling would be like if it were legal in the 21st century. In this case, 2 politicians are each convinced that the other has besmirched him and so the duel is on.

A problem arises when the arbiter realizes that neither combatant knows much about using a gun, even though they claim to be knowledgeable because they watched a lot of Westerns on TV. As the arbiter points out, that would be like saying you know a lot about surfing just because you listened to a lot of Beach Boys music.

This comedy play is also published in the 8 play comedy collection Moments of Madness

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