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Shorts for All Seasons: America Revisited



Shorts for All Seasons: America Revisited – a collection of six 10-minute plays written by the Virginia Playwrights Forum, skewers the American political and social landscape. From taxes and lotteries, to classrooms and talk show hosts, the foibles of present-day America are revealed.


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These plays were originally produced by The Venue on 35th in Norfolk, Virginia by  Looking Glass Productions.

An American Tragedy, a politically incorrect satire on domestic abuse, is adapted from the O’Henry story of the same name.

Slippery Slope is a peek into the foibles of the PC classroom during a dispute between students and teachers regarding the sexual preferences of the Layson albatross.

Priming the Pump turns the table on exploitative talk show hosts; is this guest as naive as she appears or does she have an ulterior motive–Jerry Springer revisited.

Cell pokes fun at our addiction to our devices. as they contribute to mixed-up liaisons, a search for love, and a disaster of a house sale and the statue of Saint Joseph.

A Taxing Experience takes us into the IRS domain when a taxpayer and an IRS tax consultant split hairs–and the tax code.

The Lottery Winner, a man intent on celebrating his success finds that his windfall may entail a deal with the devil.

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