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Shorts for All Seasons: America Revisited

  • 10 - 60 minutes
  • 1 Male 1 Female Max 6 Min 2

Flexible Casting, Simple Set


A collection of six 10-minute satires – plays written by the renowned Virginia Playwrights Forum, lampoons the American political and social landscape. From taxes and lotteries, to classroom education and TV talk show hosts, the foibles of present-day America are revealed.



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These short plays were originally produced by The Venue on 35th in Norfolk, Virginia by  Looking Glass Productions.

An American Tragedy, a politically incorrect satire on domestic abuse, is adapted from the O’Henry story of the same name.

Slippery Slope is a peek into the foibles of the PC classroom during a dispute between students and teachers regarding the sexual preferences of the Layson albatross.

Priming the Pump turns the table on exploitative talk show hosts; is this guest as naive as she appears or does she have an ulterior motive–Jerry Springer revisited.

Cell pokes fun at our addiction to our devices. as they contribute to mixed-up liaisons, a search for love, and a disaster of a house sale and the statue of Saint Joseph.

A Taxing Experience takes us into the IRS domain when a taxpayer and an IRS tax consultant split hairs–and the tax code.

The Lottery Winner, a man intent on celebrating his success finds that his windfall may entail a deal with the devil.

  • Suitable as competition pieces.
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