Shakespeare-On-The-Go: 4 Touring Plays For Young Audiences

by Gillette Elvgren


Shakespeare-On-The-Go by Gillette Elvgren comprises 4 plays by Shakespeare adapted for young audiences and include: Romeo and Juliet, The Tempest, A Midnight Summer’s Dream, and Macbeth. As participatory theater they appeal to elementary school students. With those elements removed, each play’s frame story is producible as a play for teens or for teen drama groups to perform for a younger audience.


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These dramas are designed to be performed for kids of all ages by adults or teen drama groups.  They last approximately 45 to 50 minutes; can utilize a cast of various sizes depending on the doubling up schemes; but are ideal for no more than five, two females and three males or one female and four males depending on the show.

When the number of characters in a Shakespearean drama usually totals more than fifteen how this can be realized? Primarily this is accomplished through the use of a FRAMING DEVICE, which means an imposed structural framework that justifies using the stage conventions inherent in the script.  So, for example, in MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM, a small struggling theatre company that is touring (i.e. think of Commedia dell Arte)  wakes up to discover that a significant number of actors have abandoned their group to take roles in KING LEAR at a nearby city. They then have to discover creative ways of putting on the show using a greatly diminished acting company.

This leads to the discovery and invention of a number of STAGE CONVENTIONS. Some of these include the use of a Narrator; puppets;  rapid a-vista costume changes; elaborate doubling schemes; audience participation, and, as mentioned above, a play-within-the-play structural device which allows the audience to see the story of the actors revealed as well as the Shakespearean  characters they are creating.

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