by Erika Renee Land
  • 60 - 90 minutes
  • 1 F

Monologue, Poetic Drama, Bare Stage, Community


one-woman play script consisting of a collection of poetic monologues, that is irresistibly lined with head-bopping rhythms and palpable poetry, is Spoken Word Poetry at its best. Lays bare the horror and humor of war.


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Erika Land served in the USA military in Mosul, Iraq. These powerful poetic monologues are based on the anguish and survivors guilt in the aftermath of Land’s military service .

I felt stuck. My poetry opened a door for me to express my feelings and provided a way to share my story.

– Erika Land

The Effect of Violence on the Psyche

In PTSD And Me, Land explores the world of combat and the effect of violence on the psyche. Through pulsating rhythms and vibrant language, she creates a world of danger, fear, and coping. Some veterans choose substances to dull the pain of the flashbacks and survivor’s guilt. Land chose performance and poetry.

Theatre of Poetry for Education

Land attempted suicide multiple times, but was saved by what she describes as a “divine intervention”. After her last attempt, she embarked on a quest to educate the general public about PTSD by way of poetry and drama.

A Monodrama or Ensemble Play

She performs PTSD and Me as a monodrama or one-person show. The script, however, contains a number of unspoken lines by unseen characters that can be voiced at the choice of the director, turning it into an ensemble poetic drama that vividly takes the audience into the ambiance of war.

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From the Play

Erika: Someone, tell me: When is the adrenaline going to wear off?

Because not one, not two, not even ten years later if you ask him, “Where are we with this stupid ass war?”

He’d probably simply say, “Right where we need to be.”
While he’s out hunting deer with old Dick Cheney.

For him it has; for us it has not, someone tell me when is
the adrenaline going to wear off.

Not one, not two, but three deployments later, and I can’t sleep at night;

So I count the sand grains that have blown through the door;

Thinking to myself, when am I going to go home?

Is it going to be when the adrenaline wears off?

It never wears off.

Back at home

Two people. One divorce.

She doesn’t understand that I have PTSD, so she left me.

Now I am all alone.

Someone tell me when is the adrenaline going to wear off?
Someone tell me when is the adrenaline going to wear off?

Maybe it should right now.

CLICK: The war, it’s a piece of me now.

No matter how hard I try to throw it away

CLICK: I can’t put it down.

CLICK: Man the adrenaline sure is pumping now.

I can’t let go of that man who was staring me in the eye, when I was letting him die.

REVOLVER SHOT. Boom. Lights fade over 5 beats as a slide displaying gray cross is projected on the stage.

Ascension to the clouds.

Finally, the adrenaline rush has calmed down.

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