The Snow Queen

by Gillette Elvgren
  • 50 Minutes
  • 6F: 6M or F Min 9 Max 15 (doubling possible)

Audience Participation, Fairy Tale, Young Audience, Community, Large Cast


This 60-minute Christmas play for the whole family is adapted by Gillette Elvgren from “The Snow Queen” story by Hans Christian Anderson. Follow the adventures of the young girl Gerda as she strives to free her best friend Kay from the icy grip of the Snow Queen. A modern version with optional audience participation, for Children’s Theatre or students to perform for family audiences.


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Performance Fee $70.00 A Production License Fee Per Performance (mandatory for all performances)

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Play Details


The Snow Queen battles the elements, escapes from a robbers den, is helped by a variety of human and animal characters, and, in the final confrontation at the Snow Queen’s Palace, the children from the audience actually get on the stage and help her defeat the evil Queen.

The pupil participation is an optional element that may suit some schools or performance events better than others. This play premiered professionally with Saltworks Theatre Company in Pittsburgh and has since had several University productions.

Gillette Elvgren is a multi-award-winning author of plays for Children, Family and Community audiences.

From the Play

Play Excerpt: Cast: It should be noted that the original style of production
was done in such a manner that no more than 9 actors were
necessary to do all of the following parts.)
Gerda, an eleven year old girl.
Kay a year or so older, Gerda’s best friend.
The Snow Queen
Old Finnish Lady
Snake Devil
Devil’s Mate
(Assorted ‘Actor’ and ‘Snowflake’ roles.)

Time: 30 minutes to 2 hours.
Settings are various.

From the Script:


NARRATOR: Once upon a time…. for that’s the way most good fairy tales begin– Once upon a time— which means that it took place sometime ago so once upon a time. . . I want you to know this isn’t a story I’ve just made up, it could happen to you. Alright, for the last time. once upon a time there lived a bad goblin… no, ‘bad’ isn’t good enough for him for he was the devil, the worst goblin of them all.
(Actor puts on devil masks. Other actors with masks around the DEVIL)

Take a pinch of pride,
Add a single tear,
Mix in a drop of despair,
And make a magic mirror.

(ACTORS make mirror. This can be done with sticks or mimed or anyway that you want to do it.)

DEVIL: A special mirror indeed. It makes the pretty look ugly, it makes truth look like a lie, for with my mirror you can’t believe your eye. A Love song will sound delightfully like a curse, and if you’ve something wrong with you my mirror will, make it look ten times worse.
DEVIL’S MATE: Would you look at all those happy faces sitting around in a ring.
DEVIL; Look at that cute little thing. Quick now-children, show me the most horrible faces you can make.
Screw up your mouth,
Show me your teeth,
Make horrible claws.
Growl terrible growls.
Think of spinach, or trolls or wild buccanneers,
Now then show them the mirror…
See; they’re not such sweet little dears.
Look in my mirror, and see the world as it is.

What a beautiful day, I feel swell.
(Mirror is held up.)
There’s a chill in the wind— I don’t think I’m well.

I could dance with joy, my boyfriend said I have a cute little nose.
(Mirror is held up)
Oh no, it looks longer than a garden hose.

I think I’ll spend some time with the lord today.
(Mirror is help up)
Uh-oh, too busy, no time at all to pray.

They ran to the end of the world with the mirror, until there was not a country or a person that had not been seen distorted in it.

(ACTORS run around improvising with audience and using mirror.)

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