The Lovely Red Flower

by Roy C. Booth
  • 25 Minutes
  • 8 Males, Min/Max 8

Fable, Young Audience, Children's Theatre, Comedy, Community


A one-act children’s morality play based on a Malaysian folk tale. A group of unruly and rowdy forest characters give a group of greedy monkeys their comeuppance.  Set in a hot tropical jungle, this is a comic tale around the relative values of sloth and industry. Can be performed for and/or by children. Great for classroom readings.


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  • Hardcopy 7.00 Delivery 1- 3 Weeks
  • Class/Group Study 50.00 Printable PDF for Multiple Copies
  • Multi-Copy PDF 15.00 Printable PDF for Cast/Crew

Performance Fee $20.00 A Production License Fee Per Performance (mandatory for all performances)

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Writer Roy C. Booth is a published author, poet, journalist, essayist, gag writer, and optioned screenwriter with over 900 publication credits, and internationally awarded playwright with 57 stage plays published (Samuel French, Heuer, et al) with 825+ productions worldwide in 30 countries in ten languages as of 3/1/2017.

Suitable for outdoor performance.

Categories: 0Females, 8 Males actors, Bullying, Children, Children’s Theatre, Community, Greed, Honesty, Jealousy, Kids, Malaysian folk tale, Max 8, Min 8, Outdoor Plays, Roy C. Booth, Script, Theatre for Young Audiences
Genres: Comedy, Fable

From the Play

Play Excerpt:

The Characters:
KOOLI, the lazy leader of a group of monkeys
CHATTI, a talkative, conceited monkey
PANDI, a very piggish and lazy monkey
HEMA, the snake
BJAK, the mouse deer
SAHIB, the tiger
TAKUT, the musang, a civet-like animal


Place: Somewhere in the Malaysian tropical jungle on a hot day.

Time: about two weeks ago.

Play Excerpt:

AT RISE: The three monkeys KOOLI, CHATTI, and PANDI are lollygagging about under a tree.

KOOLI: I am so hot!

CHATTI: I am so tired!

PANDI: I am so hungry!

KOOLI & CHATTI: Yeah! Yeah! We’re hungry, too! Hungry! Hungry! Hungry!

PANDI: Ohhh, I wonder where we can get some food…

KOOLI: Yeah, me too…

CHATTI: Kooli, how do the other animals get their food?

KOOLI: Like Sahib the tiger?

PANDI: He eats according to the Law of the Jungle!

CHATTI: No, no, no, not Sahib or Panther. Someone… smaller.

KOOLI: They grow their own food, Chatti, they grow it.

CHATTI: They grow it? Ha!

PANDI: Ooh, that’s too much work! That’s too much work!

CHATTI: I agree with Pandi, that’s too much work! Besides, I’m too good looking to be a farmer!

KOOLI: And I’m too smart…

PANDI: And I’m just… oh, forget it… I just don’t want to do it…

KOOLI: Okay, we all want to eat, right?

PANDI: Yeah!


PANDI: We don’t want to plant and grow our own food! Ugh!

CHATTI: That’s just too much work for a bunch of superior, good looking monkeys like ourselves…


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