The Best Is Yet To Be

by Jean H. Klein
  • 30 minutes
  • 3 Males, 3 Females, Min/Max 6


Emily Mason returns home to live with her son and his family–a wife and 2 grandchildren. They have her rocking chair ready for her. The problem is, she isn’t ready for it. Will her family come around and let her continue the kind of life she is used to leading?


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Play Details


A one-act family comedy by Jean H. Klein. A grandmother comes to live with her son and his children and has to confront their stereotype of her values and life experience. Originally produced by the Waterloo Community Playhouse in Waterloo, IA. Great for community theater and and one-act competitions.

From the Play

The Cast List:

Emily Mason: a woman in her mid-sixties.

Frank Mason: her son in his forties.

Anne Mason: Frank’s wife.

Nancy Mason: Frank and Anne’s daughter in her late teens.

Billy Mason: Frank and Anne’s son a first-year college student.

Joe Nelson: a newspaper reporter in his late fifties.

The Setting: A deck at the back of the MASON household.

Time: The present.

Play Excerpt:

EMILY: Just fine. Billy. How about a game of chess?

BILLY Maybe later. The Steelers are playing the Green Bay Packers. (He stops and turns back to her.) Uh, those are two football teams.

EMILY: I know what they are. I just hope you haven’t bet on the Packers.

BILLY: Dad doesn’t allow me to bet.

EMILY: That figures. I don’t know where I went wrong with him. Sometimes you’ve got to take chances. When I was a public health nurse, I had a patient who thought he was some hot shot chess player. Unfortunately for him, he was inclined to make bets with the wrong peoples I clipped him for six thousand dollars.

BILLY: Six thousand dollars! What did you do with all that money?

EMILY Unfortunately for me, I never got a chance to collect. Somebody shot him first.

BILLY Well, I don’t see where that did you much good. I’ll bet you never told Dad about that.

EMILY: I’ll bet I didn’t. He never would have approved of it. I guess I just had him at the wrong time. He was too young to become a Beatnik and too old to become a Hippie.

BILLY: (Whispering and looking back over his shoulder for his Dad) Tell you what. Gram. I don’t think you know your football. I’ll put a buck on the Packers.

EMILY (Whispering back.) Make that double or nothing.

BILLY You got a deal. I’ll call you in for the end of the game.

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