Snow White

by Mickey Coburn
  • 120 Minutes
  • 12 Male, 9 Female, Min/Max 21

Children's Theatre, Community, Large Cast, Middle School


Snow White, often considered a Grimm Fairytale, actually came from books by the French Huguenot Charles Perrault, the creator of Mother Goose. This re-creation of the story is very modern in its dialogue and conception of the characters. Snow White is saucy and flippant, and the play has a sense of humor, timeless charm and a touch of “camp” that adults, as well as children, enjoy.


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Play Details


In this vibrant, funny, full-length adaptation, we have a cast of lively characters including the seven “little men”, three quirky sisters, and four animals. The seven dwarfs appear as the Brothers Hoffenstein:  Mandel, Mertel, Werther, Wenzel, Stoffel, Steffel and Fritz! And other characters have their own unique presence in the play, along with new comic characters.

This re-creation of the story is made modern with its humor, timeless charm and a touch of “camp” that adults, as well as children, enjoy.

A delightful romp! Snow White was first produced by the Boston Children’s Theatre, directed by Mickey Coburn, with sets by Bobby Summerlin, costumes by James Beaman, lighting by Christopher Akerlind.

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Snow White – script for school play

From the Play

Play Excerpt:

Cast List:
Lieber Raimund: The Woodsman/Prince
Snow White: The Princess
Walpurga Gerhardina Belechech: The Queen
Eudoxia: The Mirror
Hedwig The Siamese Cat
Flogelind The Bird
Sussig The Skunk
Misha The Lion
Frithmund The Prince/Huntsman
Petrus The Henchman
The Seven Little Men:
• Mandel
• Mertel
• Werther
• Wenzel
• Stoffel
• Steffel
• Fritz
Sprinzchen The Jolly Hag
Fritzinn The Silly Hag
Sigismonda The Ugly Hag
Snow White

Time: The play takes place in 18th century fairytale time

Place: There are several scenes, which can be achieved with drops and/or painted flats.

From the play:

(Snow White grabs a broom & starts to sweep; then she polishes the floor with a rag. The 7 little men appear in a choreographed parade. The first is the leader; the seventh, taller than the rest, attempts continually to cover up the fact that he’s taller. They have long white beards & all wear pointed hats or hoods and wooden shoes & carry burlap bags filled with something. They chant to the rhythm of their shoes.)


Together: We’re the 7 brothers Hoffenstein,
We work together in our mine.
No one shirks and no one quits
(one at a time)
Mandel, Mertel, Werther, Wenzel,
Stoffel, Steffel and Fritz!

All for one and one for all,
Against a world that’s much too tall;
We use our brains, we use our wits,
(one at a time)
Mandel, Mertel, Werther, Wenzel,
Stoffel, Steffel and Fritz!

Together through the thick and thin,
The best of friends, the best of kin,
A brotherhood of opposites –
(one at a time)
Mandel, Mertel, Werther, Wenzel,
Stoffel, Steffel and Fritz!

(Mandel opens the door & goes inside; the others are behind him. He sees Snow White & comes out again, forcing the others back.)

Mandel: We seem to have company

OTHERS: (echoing him) Company? Company?? (etc.)

Mandel: Probably a thief — or a murderer –

OTHERS: (hub-bub of alarm) What ? No! oh — (etc.)

Mertel: (looking into the house) It looks like a girl –

OTHERS: A girl? A what? A who? (etc.)

Mertel: (looking again) She seems pleasant enough. (The others crowd to the door to peer in.)

Wenzel: Can she cook?

Werther: Is she somebody or just a peasant girl?

Stoffel: She may have lost her way.

Steffel; She’s gonna make more work for us.

Fritz: She’s – she’s – she’s awful pretty.

Others: Pretty?????

Mandel: Let me see –

Mertel: You’re right

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