Sleeping Beauty

by Mickey Coburn
  • 90 Minutes
  • 4 Male, 5 Female, 9 Mim, 15+ Max (Doubling Possible)


Once upon a time…in an enchanted kingdom, all gathered to celebrate the birth of the royal princess. Mickey Coburn’s adaptation brings wicked Godmothers, good Godmothers, magicians, kings, clowns – all fantastically woven into a delicious tale luxuriating with sorcery, processions, and whimsical escapades!


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Sleeping Beauty glitters and charms, amuses and delights. This full-length adaptation is  the perfect family entertainment! Sleeping Beauty was first produced by the Boston Children’s Theatre, directed by Mickey Coburn and designed by Karl Wendelin. PDF download available.

From the Play

Play Excerpt:

Cast List:
Prank, The Jester
The Cook
Two Scullions/Attendants
King Pompus
Queen Imagine
Nurse Hopestill
The Faerie Primrose
The Faerie Thistle
Grunt, The Troll
The Faerie Mistletoe
The Faerie Court (4)
Allura, As A Child
Princess Allura
Prince Gallant
Tripp, Valet To The Prince

(Music in. The procession appears down the theatre aisle. King, Queen, four Pages carrying a baby sedan chair, Followed by Nurse Hopestill. They arrive on stage. Queen proceeds to her throne. Nurse takes baby from sedan chair which the Pages then remove. She shows the baby to the servants, Cook and Prank who make appropriate sounds of delight. She takes her place near the throne. The music stops. Fanfare. The King is at the banquet table picking at the food.

Queen: (stage whisper) Pompous! Pompous! Everyone’s waiting.

King: Just a moment, my dear. Mmmmm — everything looks delicious —

Queen: Pompous!

King: I thought I might just have a bite –

Queen: It isn’t time to eat yet – Pompous – please –

King: Well, all right. (he goes to his throne and sits)

Queen: (jabbing him) Pompous –

King: Hmmmm?

Queen: Everyone’s waiting – up! Up!

King: Oh, yes. (rising ) Royal subjects! This is indeed a happy day. Queen Imagine and I invite you all to celebrate the birth of our daughter, Princess Allura –

Queen: They know all that, Pompous –

King: They do?

Queen: Of course they do.

(All smile, whisper, nod)

King: Well, then – (he sits)

Queen: Well, then – go on – go on –

King: (rising) Well then – (to Queen) Well, then – what?

Queen: Tell them to proceed –

King: Of course. I knew that. Proceed! (he sits)

(Attendants alter their stage positions. Prank tumbles forward)

Prank: (not speaking; using mime and sign language) Not yet, your Majesties, no . . .Not yet your majesties – no!

King: What’s the matter with him?

Queen: What is it, Prank? Time for the gifts perhaps?

King: Attendants! The gifts –

(The attendants begin to gather up the gifts to bring to the Queen; Prank stops them)

Prank: (silently) no – no – your majesty – gifts – no –

Queen: Well, then –

King: The dinner! I’m starved.

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