by David Poyer
  • 30-45 minutes
  • 4M, 3W

Community, Competitions, High School, Simple Set


A one-act haunting drama. Pursued by disturbing dreams, Eileen visits her psychiatrist. The truth becomes increasingly elusive. She may or may not have been in an accident. An accident may or may not have happened. Perhaps even a murder? And who is the Ferryman who comes for Eileen?   This play works well for high school competitions and community theater.


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A haunting drama. The truth becomes increasingly elusive.  Dreams are invading Eileen Schadow’s life. Are they fantasies? Memories? She visits her psychiatrist. She may or may not have been in an accident. An accident may or may not have happened.  Perhaps a murder? Her psychiatrist, Dr Aachen has a very unusual therapy:

AACHEN: A merging of sensory deprivation, neural stimulation, and classic psychodrama. You are actually floating in a tank of warm saltwater. The therapy uses magnetic resonance technology to introduce into your mind a lifelike simulacra of real personalities.  The simulacra behave in realistic ways.  Nevertheless, we are not real.  We simply personate your fears, anxieties, and irrationalities.  The goal of the therapy is to permit the patient to resolve her problems by roleplaying with the simulacra.

As her therapy progresses, the distance between dreams and reality become increasingly blurred.

Is Eileen alive?
Is she Dead?
Is she in a coma?
Is she hallucinating?

Time and reality take many strange twists as this haunting story follows what is real and what is imagined.

A one-act drama by David Poyer.

Downloadable PDF available.

From the Play

“Play Excerpt:

Cast of Characters
Eileen Schadow ———————— Woman in middle age
Dr. Aachen ——————————Psychiatrist
Daniel Schadow ———————– Eileen’s son
Malon ————————————-Eileen’s former lover, a younger man
Dr. Benjamin Schadow ————–Eileen’s husband
Ms. Gold ——————————-A young woman, Dr. Schadow’s assistant
Ferryman ——————————-Old man

Time: The near future

Setting: A bare stage with four minimal settings: a psychiatrist’s office; a
living area with sofa; a laboratory with a computer and whiteboard: a skiff.

Running time: 20 – 30 mjnutes

(In the living room. Daniel jumps to his feet from sofa as his mother enters.)
EILEEN: Dan, you must help me. The fact is, I don’t know whether I’m —
DANIEL: Mother. This has got to stop. Your going on about these…dreams
of yours. What is it, some change of life thing? (He touches his ear; a dial
tone sounds.)Let me call this fellow I know. There are drugs for this
kind of problem.
EILEEN: Drugs might be part of the problem.
(He watches her so narrowly she falters)
EILEEN: I’m not sure I…feel well these days.
DANIEL: You look beautiful, Momma. But tired.
(He hesitates, then comes to her. She leans her head on his shoulder. A tableau)
DANIEL: You’re still upset from the accident. And no wonder, you were
lucky to come out with just a shaking up. Why don’t you have a glass
of wine? Take a hot bath. I love you, Dad loves you, and we’re glad
you’re okay. Everything will be fine.
EILEEN: But how did I come out of it, Dan?
DANIEL: Who cares! Just stop obsessing over it!
(He pats her back once more and releases her. She sniffles a little as she digs in her
EILEEN: Well —
DANIEL: Chill, Momma, take it easy. Stop imagining things.
EILEEN: All right. I’ll try. But, Dan? What puzzles me —
EILEEN: When I left Dr Aachen’s office a little while ago — I went to open
the door to my car – my little white Casuel, you know? The one I got
when I sold the boutique. And I happened to think, and I went around
front and — I could see myself perfectly in the paint. Not a ripple.
EILEEN: And I looked real close, and ran my fingernails over it. That car’s
never been in an accident.
(Daniel looks at her in silence. Lights out.)”


  • Theater Keller 62, Zurich Switzerland - Sept. 2022

    Zurich English-Speaking Theatre (ZEST)

    13 – 17 September 2022

    shadowland zurich production

    shadowland zurich

    shadowland zurich

    shadowland zurich

    shadowland zurich



  • Western Nebraska Community College April 29th - 1st May 2022

    Western Nebraska Community College

    April 29th – 1st May 2022

    directed by Violette Briggs

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