Prince Hedgehog

by Roy C. Booth
  • 25 Minutes
  • 3 Males, 2 Females, Min/Max 5


Prince Hedgehog is a dramatic adaptation of a delightful folk tale in which a Prince—in this case born a hedgehog because of his mother’s hasty words—is sent out to further his education. This is a transformation play with a twist.


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Play Details


In this one-act comedy for young children, a mother’s hasty words causes her to bear not a son but a hedghog–to the dismay of his father.

Prince Hedgehog is sent out into the world to further his education.

This hedgehog already has a remarkable scientific bent which has gotten him into numerous misadventures with his surroundings. May be performed by and for children.  Great for Reader’s Theatre, children’s theaters and classroom plays Downloadable PDF available.

Suitable for

  • ages 5-9, elementary school
  • outdoor performance.

From the Play

Play Excerpt:

The Characters:

Time: a long, long time ago.
Place: The throne room of a grand stately kingdom.

(The lights come up to find the HERALD sleeping as he leans against the throne. Suddenly the EMPEROR bursts in, pacing.)

EMPEROR: Drat, drat, and double drat! Decisions, decisions, decisions! Oh, how I detest decisions!

HERALD: (Snapping to attention.) All hail the Emperor! All hail!

EMPEROR: Herald, at ease, there is no one else in here.

HERALD: Oh. Heh. Sorry.

EMPEROR: Ooh, what to do, what to do? Nuts! Fiddlesticks! I can’t decide!



EMPEROR: What can you not decide on, your majesty?

EMPEROR: Oh. That. It’s a private family matter, I’m afraid.

HERALD: I see. Why not discuss whatever it is with the Empress then?

EMPEROR: Aha! (Snaps his fingers.) I know, I’ll call the Empress! Maybe she can help!

HERALD: A most excellent idea, sire! Most excellent!

EMPEROR: Yes, yes it is! Ah, it’s good to be the emperor! You may go and… and… soak your feet again, if you like!

HERALD: Oh, thank you, my emperor, thank you. My bunions are killing me!

EMPEROR: So I see. Off, off with you now. (HERALD exits.) Ahem. Empress, honeybunch, come here!

EMPRESS: (Offstage.) Coming, my little royal bon-bon! Coming!


  • Eddy School, July 9, 2021

    Eddy School, July 9, 2021

    Directed by Caroline Newell

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