Herschel and Happy

by Mickey Coburn
  • 60 Minutes
  • 2 Males, 2 Females, Min/Max 4

Audience Participation, Comedy, School Touring, Simple Props, Simple Set


Herschel and Happy, a very popular one-hour play for children. It consists of 3 short plays which follow two wandering friends who can’t stay out of mischief. Highly participatory for a younger audience.  Written for children, to be performed by adults.  The show toured for five years in professional production. Tours easily with simple sets, costumes, and props. Downloadable, printable PDF available.


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Performance Fee $60.00 A Production License Fee Per Performance (mandatory for all performances)

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Play Details


Herschel and Happy is a hilarious journey with two wandering friends who can’t stay out of mischief.

Their rascal antics amuse and charm. The three short comedies are performed one after the other. They consist of


Herschel and Happy was written for the Acting Place Truckin’ Company in Beverly Massachusetts, directed by Mickey Coburn. It toured the North East for five years as part of the Truckin’ Company repertoire.

Suitable for outdoor performance.

Categories: 2 Female actors, 2 Male Actors, Children’s Theatre, Community, Family Values, Friendship, Growing Up, Honesty, Kids, Loyalty, Making Choices, Max 4, Mickey Coburn, Min 4, Outdoor Plays, Script, Self Esteem, Self-Confidence, Self-Worth, Valuing Others
Genre: Comedy

From the Play

Play Excerpt:

Cast of Characters:
HERSCHEL the older of the two, or at least the taller
HAPPY younger than HERSCHEL, or at least smaller

Suggested Set Pieces:
This play was written to be toured on a shoestring to schools, churches, synagogues, etc. If it is performed in a theatre for a run, an appropriate set could be conceived. For the road, all that is needed is a colorful three fold screen to serve as the house and appropriate props.

Play Excerpt:


HAPPY: I’m not going another step. We must have walked 20 miles today.
HERSCHEL: I’m certain Schnipichuck is in this direction. It can’t be much further. Come on, Happy.
HAPPY: (sitting down) Not another step. We haven’t eaten in three days. My stomach is smacking against my back bone. Ohhh, the pain, the PAIN!!!
HERSCHEL: There’ll be plenty to eat in Schnipichuck. My Uncle Yossel has a big house and a farm. In fact, he owns half the town and when he sees….
HAPPY: (overlapping) So you’ve said. For six months. First we go south! Then we go north! Sometimes I think we’re going around in circles! It will be dark in two hours. (groaning on the ground) Oh, Herschel – we’ve got to eat something – ohhh, the pain, the pain!!!
HERSCHEL: All right, all right. Let’s make a fire and we’ll cook our dinner.

(HAPPY mimes the building of a fire; HERSCHEL begins to unpack the knapsack)

HAPPY: Hey – wait a minute – how can we cook dinner? All we have is a pot. What are we going to cook?
HERSCHEL: (opening his knapsack again) Faith, my good man; you must have faith. (he takes out a stone) Ahhh!
HAPPY: Now what is that for? We can’t eat a stone!!
HERSCHEL: We are going to make soup.
HAPPY: Herschel, old friend, you are crazy! You can’t make soup from a stone. (to audience) For six months he’ been dragging me from one end of the country to the other looking for a place that doesn’t exist. It isn’t even on the map. Now he’s going to feed me rocks! You have rocks in your head!! (takes the stone and drops it on the ground as if hitting Herschel in the foot; Herschel yelps) Look! Hard, see? You can’t eat a stone!!

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