by Gillette Elvgren
  • 45 Minutes
  • 1 Male 1 Female Max 6 Min 2


With roots in the morality play, EVERYMAN, this fun participatory play for children by Gillettte Elvgren, depicts the adventures of two contemporary kids, Everygirl and Everyboy as they explore some of the temptations of our American culture. The kids decide they don’t need each other and take off separately into the adult worlds of Moneyland, Beautyland, Factland and Success City. Can be performed for and by children.


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  • Hardcopy 9.95 Delivery 1- 3 Weeks
  • Class/Group Study 75.00 Printable PDF for Multiple Copies
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Performance Fee $60.00 A Production License Fee Per Performance (mandatory for all performances)

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Using imaginative staging, Everykid, a one-act play for children,  takes its young main characters through confrontations with the misguided values of contemporary life: an emphasis on money, beauty, fame, etc. Eventually, they learn to work together and to care about and share each other’s resources. This play has been produced by several university theater departments for children.

In addition to main roles, 4 other characters such as The Magician or Nit and Wit can be played by either male or female actors.

Suitable for outdoor performance.

Categories: 1 Female actors, 1 Male actor, Adapted From, Building Trust, Children’s Theatre, Church, Church, Communication, Community, Community, Compassion, Corporate Greed, Empathy, Everyman, Gillette Elvgren, Good and Evil, Growing Up,  Honesty, Kids, Learning Values, Loyalty, Max 6, Min 2, Outdoor Plays, Respect, Script, Self Esteem, Self-Confidence, Self-Worth, Tolerance, Trust, Valuing Others
Genre: Comedy

From the Play

The Cast

Madge the Magician

Time: Once upon a time
Place: Everywhere

Play Excerpt:

(EVERYGIRL runs on led by MADGE the Magician and WIT her comic sidekick.)

EVERYGIRL: (Sitting.) Stop! I can’t go another step.

MADGE: You won’t have to take another step my dear. Have no fear for Beautyland isn’t merely near, it’s right here.

EVERYGIRL: Beautyland? Where?

MADGE: Close your eyes and sniff the beautiful flowers.

(WIT sprays perfume about using an aerosol can.)

EVERYGIRL: Oh, they do smell. . . beautiful. What kind are they?

MADGE: What kind? Well, they’re. . . (She reads label on can.)
Uh, ‘Desert Passion Flowers.’ And listen to all the beautiful birds. (WIT bird twitters and then a cow’s moo — and is chastised by MADGE, who then poses.) And now, open your eyes and look at all the natural beauty standing about.

(EVERYGIRL looks, but wherever she looks, MADGE is standing in front of her.)

EVERYGIRL: But all I can see is you?

MADGE: And aren’t I a beautiful view? Listen to me, Everygirl. Growing up is looking glamorous and gorgeous. Growing up is wearing perfume, and ruby red lipstick, and purple wigs. Growing up is looking like everyone else, and since I’m the only one in Beautyland who is worth looking at, growing up is looking just like me. Oh, but you’ll never do—just look at your hair. (Claps her hands.) Give her the treatment.


  • South Albany Community Church, 22nd July 2022

    South Albany Community Church,

    22nd July 2022

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