by Mickey Coburn
  • 90 Minutes
  • 10 Males 8 females Max 18 Min 15 (Doubling Possible)

Fairy Tale, Comedy, Doubling Possible


Cinderella Comedy Play Script – Meet the feisty take-charge Cinderella!

This full-length comedy version of Cinderella features delightfully nasty stepsisters and a fierce Cinderella, in addition to several original characters.   This is a play for children of all ages. Easily performed by a children’s theater, or by teen or college drama groups, it has possible casting for young actors as well.


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Performance Fee $70.00 A Production License Fee Per Performance (mandatory for all performances)

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Pages – 37

Modernized and updated, this Cinderella varies hugely from the original tale by Perrault.

This Cinderella is “sweet but not sappy”. The dialog is full of humor; the addition of two sprites give additional casting possibilities for younger actors.

The stepmother is a former opera singer–a diva. The fairy godmother is “a bit of a bag lady”, adorable absent-minded and talks in riddles. See the script excerpt for more details.

Premiered by the Boston Children’s Theatre, this Cinderella has been produced internationally to rapt audiences, adults and children alike.


From the Play

Free read and review 80% sample of the script PDF – CLICK THIS LINK


  • Main Street Theatre Company - Parlin, NJ, - 9-15 June 2019

  • The BMR Drama Club, Backstone, MA Dec 13 & 14 2019

    2 nights performances by the student-run Drama Club

    cinderella production




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