Behind Closed Doors

by Doris Gwaltney
  • 15 - 90 Minutes
  • 1+ Male 1+ Female Max 16 Min 2

Collection, Simple Props, Simple Set


These historical monologues and dialogues are gripping fictional insights into the psyches of historical married couples. Sir Walter Ralegh and Bess ThrockmortonMarie Antoinette and Louis XviWilliam And Catherine BlakeTheodore and Alice RooseveltSigmund and Martha FreudVirginia and Leonard WoolfAdolf Hitler and Eva Braun. Performance fees for individual monologues are available.


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Performance Fee $60.00 A Production License Fee Per Performance (mandatory for all performances)

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Prices for performance of individual monologues may be obtained by emailing HaveScripts/Blue Moon Plays at

These historical monologues are excellent acting scripts for auditions and competitions….

Set in prisons, bedrooms, palaces, gardens and Hitler’s bunker; scenes reveal dark, tense moments in the tormented lives of the famous.

For most people, death comes behind closed doors… a quiet event, perhaps shared by friends and family…But for some there’s drama, even horror as some commit suicide, are murdered, or executed.

From Author’s Preface

The scenes in this collection of short play scripts reveal dark, tense moments in lives that have been bought and sold; lived and mourned. From Sir Walter Raleigh‘s ignominious end in the Tower of London, to Alice Roosevelt’s short marriage with Teddy, loves are stripped bare. Cruel truth is touched by Marie Antoinette and Adolf Hitler.

Marriage is written in new language by William Blake and Virginia Woolf. Readers are invited behind History’s closed doors and should enter at their own risk.

Included are dialogues or duologues between

  • Sir Walter Ralegh and Bess Throckmorton
  • Marie Antoinette and Louis Xvi
  • William And Catherine Blake
  • Theodore and Alice Roosevelt
  • Sigmund and Martha Freud
  • Virginia and Leonard Woolf
  • Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun.

Behind Closed Doors is Doris Gwaltney’s second collection of historical monologues published by ScriptWorks Press. Along with A Mirror in Time, this prolific writer from Smithfield, Virginia has penned SHAKESPEARE’S SISTER, DUNCAN BROWDIE, and a middle-grade novel.

NOTE: The performance fee is applicable to a production of the complete script. Prices for performance of individual monologues may be obtained by emailing HaveScripts/Blue Moon Plays at

Suitable for outdoor performance.


From the Play

From the Scenes with Alice and Theodore Roosevelt

ALICE: In the early days of our courtship… Before I came to love him… It seemed to me that everywhere I looked there was Teddy. He wanted me to walk… incessantly walk. I had the feeling he was wearing me down. I tried to make excuses, but mostly he would not hear of it. Once I told my cousin Rose that he was like a bouncing ball that will not stop. Rose began to laugh and then I did, too. I think that might have been the day I began to love him.

THEODORE: I do my best to act as if I am pleased with the baby. But when I turn toward the bed and see my wife looking weaker and weaker, I almost lose control. For I want her so. She is my dream, my heart’s desire. This baby looks so much like her. It’s as if she has stolen her mother’s very eyes and mouth and cheek bones. As if only one of them can have this beauty and Alice must leave the world to make place for this crying baby. Oh, God, I cannot bear it.


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