by Lori M. Myers
  • 15 minutes
  • 1 Male, 2 Females, Max/Min cast 3


In 19366, a one-act, 3-character drama by Lori M. Myers, an elderly survivor of the Holocaust encounters a rebellious teenager in a tattoo parlor.






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Defying her mother’s wishes, Melanie is determined to get a butterfly tattoo. First in line is Sarah, an elderly concentration-camp survivor, who is removing her own tattoo–91366. Sarah is curious as to why anyone would want to remove a tattoo. Does what she discovers make her change her mind about her own life and her relationship with her mother?

Great for competition one-acts or for inclusion in an evening of short plays.

From the Play

C’mon. Tell me the truth. Will it hurt or not?

Hey, you’ll live, okay? Make up your mind.

Okay. I’m gonna do it. Promise me ya’ won’t laugh if I cry.

I promise. I’ll draw this up for ya’. (exits)

(She admires the tattoo art on the walls, then stares at SARAH)
Hi. I’m Melanie. You’re not gettin’ a tattoo, are ya’?

Vy do you say dat? Because I’m old?
MELANIE (giggles)
No. Did he draw your picture already? He’s doin’ mine now.

So I heard.

Oh. Sorry. I’m going to this party tonight. She’s going to have a DJ and everything. Everybody who is anybody will be there.

I von’t be dere.

When I’m excited about something, I just can’t wait.

Yes, I noticed. Vaiting is a terrible ting. So is bad manners. Ven two people are talking, you vait until dey finish. Then it’s your turn. Fashtay?

What? Oh, yeah. I guess. (beat) Does it hurt to get a tattoo? Not that you would know, but maybe one of your grandchildren has one.

My grandchildren do not have tattoos and dey vill never have tattoos. And da hurt? Most forget about da hurt. Some never forget. (beat) So, I heard about dis butterfly you’re getting. Very pretty.

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